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15 March 2017
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Going out for breakfast has become trendy. People no longer meet up with the family on Sunday for coffee and cake, but for brunch. The word comes from the English and is composed of breakfast and lunch. In Innsbruck you are spoilt for choice. There are so many options that it is difficult to decide. Whether high above the rooftops at Adlers, inexpensive and delicious at the Breakfast Club or spectacular on the Nordkette, everyone is guaranteed to find what they are looking for in Innsbruck, including families.

High standards

However, things get a little more complicated when you have a small child with you. It already starts with the fact that it is not easy to get into every restaurant with a baby carriage, once you are inside you are faced with the next challenge: where does my child sit? I think every mother knows how exhausting it can be to eat with a toddler on your lap. Maybe it’s just me, but my son has a penchant for pulling on tablecloths, throwing food off my plate onto the floor, or playing with cutlery… So we only go to places that have high chairs. Other pluses include a baby changing room, a play corner or possibly an outdoor play area.
In the following, I would like to introduce you to our favourite breakfast restaurants, all of which we have personally tested and found to be good and suitable for children.

Ruetz Bakery Kematen

My absolute favourite is the bakery Ruetz in Kematen. I hardly know any other place where we feel as comfortable as we do here as a family. While we comfortably enjoy our breakfast, our little son can let off steam in the play corner. In good weather, the garden with playground invites you to linger.

Bäcker Ruetz Frühstück

Bäcker Ruetz Breakfast © Elisabeth Siegl

Kinder spielen in der Spielecke beim Bäcker Ruetz

In the play corner the little ones can let off steam even in bad weather. © Elisabeth Siegl

A special experience are the daily baking classes for children from 5 years. Important: be sure to register in advance.
You can find more information here.

Specialoffer: Here, bread lovers in particular get their money’s worth. There is a wide variety of baked goods, breakfast packages and, for those with a bigger appetite, savoury sandwiches and flatbreads. What sets this Ruetz apart from the other branches is that you can even have fresh egg dishes prepared to order.

Changing table: available

High chairs: available

Price: reasonable

Opening Hours: MO – SA: 6 – 20 h
Sundays and holidays: 7 – 20 o’clock

My tip: the Bäcker Ruetz breakfast: two oven-fresh biscuits of your choice and three spreads (butter, jam, Nutella or cheese spread) and as much coffee, tea or cocoa as you like. I find that very practical, especially if you often spend the whole morning there like we do.

How toget there: it is best to take your own car. You can park for free in the underground car park or directly in front of the bakery.
By train: from Innsbruck to Kematen and then about 10 minutes on foot.

Ruetz Bakery-Café Mariahilf

You can already tell I’m a big Ruetz fan. But if you just want to meet a friend for a quick coffee, the bakery in Mariahilf is just right. There is also a great playground here. There you can always keep an eye on the little ones while you enjoy your breakfast. And every mommy knows that’s worth its weight in gold!

Bäckerei-Cafe Mariahilf

Bakery-Cafe Mariahilf © Elisabeth Siegl

Spielplatz beim Bäcker Ruetz in Mariahilf

Playing in the sand while mommy drinks coffee. © Elisabeth Siegl

Offer: see bakery Ruetz in Kematen

Changing table: available

High chairs: available

Price: reasonable

Opening Hours: MO – SA: 6:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. Sundays and Holidays: 7 a.m. – 6 p.m

My tip: the Ruetz Bakery Mariahilf is a perfect starting point for a nice walk along the Inn.

Arrival: best by public transport. The bus stops Marktplatz and Fürstenweg are nearby.

Hotel Nala

As we enter the hotel, it feels like we’re stepping into a Klimt painting. I’ve already heard a lot of good things about the Sunday brunch at the Nala, but suddenly I’m not so sure if we’ll fit in with our little son who is currently in the defiant phase. Everything is very modern and artfully decorated. Even the tiles in the toilet are gold-plated. My first impression is deceiving. The waitresses are super friendly, we immediately get a high chair for the little man and to my relief I also see other families with small children.


While the parents toast with a glass of sparkling wine, the kids let off steam in the media room. © Felix de Koekkoek

Frühstücksbuffet im Hotel Nala

Mmmmh! I love poppy-seed snails © Elisabeth Siegl

Offer: Every Sunday there is a large buffet with hot and cold dishes. From various cereals, fresh salads, fruit, rolls and cakes to salmon, there is everything that belongs to a real brunch. The Nala places special emphasis on local, regional products. The food is cooked without flavour enhancers and you can taste that!

Changing table: available

High chairs: available

Price: Sunday brunch costs € 25.00 for day guests and € 20.00 for hotel guests.
During the week there is a slightly smaller buffet at € 18,00 for day guests and € 16,00 for hotel guests.
Children pay half price and under 4 years nothing.

Opening hours:
Breakfast buffet: MO – FR 6.30 am to 12:00 noon
Saturday breakfast: until 14:00 hrs
Sunday brunch: until 14:00 hrs

My tip: For all those who love a beautiful ambience, art and design, Nala is the perfect choice. Should the little ones run out of seating and get too bored at their parents’ table, there are great movies and books in the media room. When the weather is good, the park with fountain invites you to play.
Getting there: Since the Nala is very centrally located, it is perfectly accessible by public transport. Almost all lines stop nearby (1, 3, C, F, H, J,…).

Stefan’s bread factory

First of all, there is no children’s corner and unfortunately no playground, but the best bread in town. And not only my friend and I appreciate that, but also our son. I’ve never had such a good doughnut in my life, whether it’s because it’s vegan or fresh, I’m not sure. In any case, the fact is that everything is just right here: the ambience, the service and of course the quality.

Stefans Brotmanufaktur

Stefans Brotmanufaktur © Elisabeth Siegl

This is where the best doughnuts in Innsbruck are made:

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What’s on offer: as the name suggests, you’ll mainly find bread here. But also various breakfast packages with eggs, cheese, ham and much more.

Changing table: unfortunately no

High chairs: available

Price: The small breakfast (a pastry with homemade jam and a hot drink of your choice) is available from € 4.40. Otherwise not so cheap, but quality has its price.

Opening hours: 06:30 – 18:30 clock

My tip: definitely try the Krapfen! Even if the carnival is already over, you should not miss this treat!

Arrival: the best way is by bus. The bus stop Marktplatz-Terminal is right across the street.

All those who don’t go out for breakfast with children should have a look at the following blog articles. Here are the best breakfast options in Innsbruck summarized once again. You can find the trendiest cafés here.

With this in mind: Enjoy your breakfast!

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