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16 March 2014
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When you think of Austrian cuisine, dumplings and strudel probably spring to mind. Not ideal for celiacs looking to follow a strict gluten free diet. But Innsbruck actually has lots of great gluten free options at restaurants, cafes and mountain huts. Read on for some of my favourite tips.

Gluten free restaurants in Innsbruck

Restaurants in Innsbruck aren’t so good at advertising their gluten free options yet, but there are lots of great places available. Here are a few handy gluten free tips to save you having to try every restaurant in town.

For delicious gluten free Austrian food in a traditional setting, check out Bar Restaurant Fischerhäusl. Not only does this restaurant have a gluten free menu (in English and German), they also have a great terrace for long summer evenings.

For something a little spicier, check out Himal – a Nepalese restaurant in town. The naan bread is a no-go, but the poppadoms are gluten free! The team that run Himal are also some of the friendliest and most helpful hosts in Innsbruck.

Gluten free Himal

There is some great Italian food to be found in Innsbruck – we’re only 30 mins from Italy after all. Die Pizzerei on Bozner Platz is a favourite amongst celiacs and bread-lovers alike. They have a great selection of gluten free pastas and the pizza is always a hit with non-allergic friends.

Mountain huts – gluten free food

Austrian cuisine gluten free

After a long morning on the slopes or an extensive hike, try a Tiroler Gröstl. This traditional dish is a mixture of potatoes and meat, fried up in a pan with seasoning and served with a fried egg on top. It’s truly delicious and will refuel your energy levels for an afternoon in the mountains.

Snacks and supermarkets

As if the view over Innsbruck isn’t enough of a reason to take the short trip up to Hungerburg, Wolke7 offer gluten free cakes! Try one on your next trip up to the Nordkette!

Most of the supermarkets in Innsbruck have gluten free sections. MPREIS is one of the best and set to get even better because Baguette will soon start serving fresh and frozen gluten free rolls.

gluten free innsbruck

For more specialty items, it’s worth checking out the health food shops, such as Reformhaus or Vitalia. These places are obviously a little more expensive but they also have the best selection (including gluten free soy sauce).

How could I have missed …?

If I’ve missed one of your favourite places or gluten free snacks, please share your tips in the comments below. The more recommendations, the better we all eat!

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