24 March 2022
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What to do when it's raining outside and the sun is hiding behind clouds? Curl up on the couch in the blanket and watch Netflix? That's a good option, but not with small children. They have energy and it needs to get out. The perfect bad weather program for the whole family can be found here.

On the jump - fun and action in the Flip Lab

For those who want to really work out, the Flip Lab in Völs is exactly the right place: jump on the trampoline as much as you like. Here you can work out as much as you like. For example, in the Tower Zone, you can jump or "flip" from different heights safely into the Bagjump air cushion. Perfect for practicing different tricks and jumps from a standing position. I'm super timid and could barely do a somersault as a kid, it stopped at cartwheels. But here even I dared to do a somersault - well or something like that.

But from the beginning, what exactly is the Flip Lab? The Flip Lab is an indoor adventure world that covers a total area of 2,000 square meters. Here you can find very different fun and sport trampolines. So no matter if you want to train properly or just have fun. On more than 60 trampolines in eleven different zones, everyone will find the right piece of gymnastic equipment to jump on.

Expanding my limits

We were at Flip Lap on a bright and beautiful day. I know I'm writing about bad weather programming here, but it had one huge advantage: there was hardly anything going on. I can imagine it being a little different on a rainy Sunday afternoon. We really caught it perfectly and had plenty of room to really let off steam. We also hardly had to queue to get a free trampoline, everything worked out perfectly and was great organized. The Flip Lab's motto is "expanding my limits" and sums up their philosophy. With the support of the instructors, every visitor can try to reach his or her limits - be it the first attempts at jumping or a triple backflip. But that's not all: "Safety is a top priority for us. All visitors complete a joint warm-up with our trained instructors and are instructed on the correct behavior and handling of the equipment before the hall can be explored," informs Mr. Schnöller, the operations manager.

To briefly summarize our experience: It was great and my son was heartbroken when we had to leave again. Because after an hour, the fun was already over again. But don't worry, we'll be back - the Flip Lab is the perfect bad weather program!

A little nerdy, a little creepy, a lot of suspense - NoWayOut Escape Rooms

Escape room - what do you imagine, especially one called NoWayOut? In my mind, associations with horror movies come up. So at first I wasn't sure if it was the right family activity for us. I read up a bit, browsed the website and found what I was looking for: in addition to various mystery, thriller and even horror games, two rooms were suitable for children. After consulting with my husband, who is a big Escape Room fan, we decided on "The Castle". An Escape Room is a special room where keys, lockers, safes, locks and clues are hidden. The Escape game is a time-limited, exciting activity where the goal is to solve puzzles based on various clues that you gradually discover and thus - step by step - find your way out. At the beginning you get a radio, if you get stuck or need help in any other way, you can always contact the "Game Master" - a staff member who supervises the game and will be happy to help you if you wish. There are several rooms in NoWayOut, two of which are also suitable for children. There is no age limit. After the game, our Game Master told me, "In our experience, kids 12 and older can usually solve the puzzles on their own." I smiled inwardly, because my husband and I - both of whom have already passed 30 - needed help with one or two of the puzzles.

From guessing and getting married

We really enjoyed the Escape Room "The Castle". It was exciting, fun and something completely different - the perfect activity on a rainy afternoon for all puzzle fans. We will definitely come again, but without kids for now. In retrospect, they were still a bit too young. Everyone knows their kid best themselves, it was a little too scary for my two. Even though they both proudly announced after the game that they would definitely like to come again. I would recommend this Escape Room for children who are at least already in school, who are interested in knights and the Middle Ages, who like to solve puzzles and who don't get scared very quickly.

Bad weather program for young and old

I recommend everyone to have a look at the website of NoWayOut. Here you can find great special offers for students or Black Monday, for example. The website innsbruck.info also offers a lot of inspiration. How about the next company party or a wedding night in the Escape Room? And for the really romantic ones I have a great tip, how about a marriage proposal in the NoWayOut - she/he can't say no to that

Have a quiet ball

In B1 - the event center in Innsbruck - there are also Escape Rooms and on top of that much more. Whether it's laser tag, 3D mini-golf, darts or the Visual Museum, fun and entertainment is guaranteed for everyone. All of this is really great, especially the museum - I've already written a blog post about that, but my family's favorite is the Bowling alley. For my sons it was the first time and also my husband and I hadn't had a bowling ball in our hands for years. Despite that, or maybe because of that, it was a ton of fun. When my boys played, beams were raised on the sides so the ball couldn't fall into the gutters. That way, of course, they could shoot around a lot more pins. If it was my husband's or my turn, the bars were automatically lowered and we could bowl "normally". It was stupid for me, because that only made it more obvious how bad I was. I lost big time.

One important tip, I would always play it safe and reserve a lane the day before. We were at B1 on a Sunday and the bowling alley was very busy. Families, friends, couples... it seems like the American version of bowling is popular with everyone.

More bad weather program

I hope spring will give us many sunny days, but the rainy and gray ones will come, that's for sure. I hope you are now prepared for them thanks to my bad weather tips. If there is nothing for you, take a look at the Audioversum or Joy in Völs. Or how about a visit to the library - you can find my tips here. Special tip for little climbers who want to pursue their hobby even in the rain: The Bergstation - the climbing hall in Telfs - has a super children's area for young climbers. An absolute recommendation from my side. I have already spent one or two afternoons there with my boys.


Flip Lab:
Landesstraße 3, 6176 Völs,
How to get there:
Bus line T: every 15 minutes and only 1 minute walk
Via A12, by car at exit Innsbruck Kranebitten, free parking
Opening hours
Monday - Friday: 14:00 - 19:00
Saturday, Sunday, vacations & vacations: 10:00 - 19:00
E-Mail: innsbruck@fliplab.at
Phone: +43 720 900102
Prices: here

Grabenweg 12,
6020 Innsbruck
How to get there:
Line F: only about 2 minute walk
Via A12: by car at exit Innsbruck Ost, free parking
Opening hours:
Sunday - Thursday 10:00 - 21:00
Friday - Saturday: 10:00 - 23:00
E-Mail: innsbruck@nowayout-escape.at
Phone: +43 660 702 0000
Prices: from 17, 60 p.p

B1 BOWLING Innsbruck
Valiergasse 15,
6020 Innsbruck
How toget there:
Line F to the Etrichgasse stop (stop is directly in front of B1)
Via A12, by car at the Innsbruck Ost exit, free parking
Opening hours:
Wednesday - Thursday: 15:00 - 23:00
Friday: 15: 00 - 23:30
Saturday: 12:00 - 23:30
Sunday and public holiday: 13:00 - 22:00
Phone: +43 512 90 88 66
Prices: here

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