01 February 2021
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It all started with a passion for cooking. Kathrin Krieglsteiner from Oberperfuss probably never imagined that this would one day lead to a Gault Millau toque. After her apprenticeship at the Villa Blanka in Innsbruck, she worked at renowned establishments in Tyrol and developed her feeling for creative cuisine that always focuses on seasonal products. "Everywhere you go you take a little somethingwith you," her mother Irmgard, with whom Kathrin runs the restaurant together, is also convinced of this. Back in 2011, the two of them, then still together with their aunt, ran the Rinner Alm for a few years. The "Weiberleit" at the top of the hut, they said down in the valley. A nickname that has moved with them into the valley, because since 2017 the two now work and work in the inn die Weiberleit in Ranggen. Since December 2020 with a hood.

The Restaurant die Weiberleit is housed in the municipal building next to the church. And from the outside, it looks quite inconspicuous. A village inn like any other? Far from it! Because even if the two power women themselves prefer to be behind the scenes in the kitchen, their cooking skills are making ever greater waves.

They have always cooked a lot at home, and their own farming has always sharpened their awareness of good products. And so it's no wonder that the menu always lists where what comes from - after all, a good conscience eats more and more. With their concept, the two not only meet the current zeitgeist, they also find themselves in it.

They put what they like on the menu. A little classic, a little modern, a little unusual. The Wiener Schnitzel, the Cordon Bleu or the Currywurst (which is also available as a vegetarian!) with homemade sauce are the absolute classics. The starter of celery nougat cream with lardo and Rangger blackberries, on the other hand, is one of the more experimental dishes from recent years.


Admittedly, when you hear that a restaurant where you had a particularly good time now has a hood, you feel first and foremost confirmed in your own sense of good food. And you are happy for the owners. This is apparently not only how I felt, but also how many others felt. Because the hood per se has triggered little with Kathrin at first, the calls and congratulations of others, however, mother and daughter obviously enormously happy!


Vegetables from the village, from the organic farmer in Fritzens or from the Seidemann nursery in Völs. Tyrolean asparagus and berries from the Alpbachtal and Goaskas from the neighbour. The variety of suppliers makes planning the menu, which changes every three to four weeks, not always easy, but a challenge. Even rice from Austrian cultivation or mouflon (wild sheep) from Tyrol end up on the menu. Whatever is in season is cooked, in summer also a lot with herbs from the own garden.

Alittle tip on the side: the restaurant also houses a small shop where you can buy regional products as souvenirs such as jams, juices, Austrian rice and much more.


The little touristy village Ranggen is located west of Innsbruck directly on the Peter-Anich hiking trail and close to the skiing and hiking area Rangger Köpfl near Oberperfuss (ideal for skiing beginners, a ski tour, Törggelen at the Rosskogelhütte, etc.). Also not far away is the Hofschank Gutleben in Itzlranggen.

With the bus 4165 you can reach Ranggen about once an hour from Innsbruck main station directly in about 40 minutes. Parking is available in front of the church, which thanks to its size cannot be overlooked. Here you can find more information about the village church Ranggen, which actually consists of three churches!

Tip: In the colourful telephone box in front of the bus stop there is a small book exchange where you can swap a book you have already read with another.


The current information about the opening hours and menu you get on www.dieweiberleit.at or personally on the phone at +43 664 88 199 227.

Currently (as of January 2021) the Weiberleit offer a pick-up service from Thursday to Sunday according to their own menu!

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