06 November 2020
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In order to be able to enjoy the Tyrolean mountains in all their beauty, I'll pass on my experiences to you with the following blog. Me and my dog Marley love hiking in the mountains and exploring nature. First and foremost, tour planning plays a very important role in this. The perfect tour must be tailored to the dog and his master.


It is important to look for water sources that will cool your pet down. If there are not enough water sources available, you must carry water reserves for your dog. The time of day and season are also important. You should avoid the midday heat at all costs. Depending on the breed, the dog can tolerate more or less sunlight. It is also important to make the tour dependent on the condition of both. If your dog has little endurance, build it up slowly and increase steadily in small steps.

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to know when your dog is reaching his limits. Take regular breaks in the shade and carry plenty of fluids and food. If it is necessary to cool your dog down with water, start by wetting the paws and then slowly work your way up. Pouring a gush of cold water on the dog from above can have massive consequences for the dog's circulation.

Of course, the age of your dog also plays a big role. For a longer hike, your four-legged friend should be fully grown. Older dogs, on the other hand, usually no longer have the energy for longer mountain tours. If this is the case, you can bridge a large part of the tour, for example, with the mountain railway. Attention: In mountain railways there is a muzzle obligation for every dog, no matter if big or small. The four-legged friends are usually not so enthusiastic about this. However, you can train this at home in advance.

The size of the dog should also not be underestimated when planning the tour. A challenge can arise for a large dog that does not exist for a small dog or vice versa. You should think in advance about how your dog has reacted to grazing animals the last few times. If your dog as well as the grazing animal was restless and under stress, I advise you to bypass the grazing area with the mountain railway or to choose a hiking trail where you will not encounter any grazing animals. In addition, you should adhere to the rules of conduct according to the Tyrolean Chamber of Agriculture in dealing with grazing animals.


My tour tip for you is the Birgitzköpfel above the Birgitzeralm. I have chosen this hike for you, because it offers enough water and shade sources. The start of our tour is the Birgitzeralm parking lot (near Adelshof). From there a forest road leads you through the forest, which offers enough shade in the hot summer days. After about half an hour you will reach the Birgitzeralm at 1,808 meters above sea level.

The alpine pasture is managed in winter and summer and offers a magnificent mountain panorama. On the medium-difficulty hike, grazing animals also cross your path in summer, which can be easily avoided if necessary. The Birgitzeralm is a popular hiking destination for young and old. Wonderful panoramic location with great views into the Inn Valley. From the alp follow the signs to the Birgitzköpfel at 1,982 metres above sea level. With the Kalkkögeln in view, you continue for about 40 minutes to the mountain summit. Once at the top, you can enjoy the time in the untouched nature and let your soul dangle, with a unique view of Innsbruck.

All pictures: © Markus Mair

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