26 November 2021
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Innsbruck's city centre offers unique photo motifs, whether with a smartphone or a professional camera. The following photo spots are all accessible on foot, by bike or by public transport. The photo tour through Innsbruck goes right through the city centre and shows the most beautiful landmarks


One of the most important points for a photo tour is the planning. This preparation will give you exceptional perspectives and the best timing for your destination photo. I also use neutral density filters in different strengths to achieve a longer exposure time during the day. You can also show this effect with your smartphone: using the "long exposure" setting in your camera app. I always look out for puddles, or in Innsbruckese "Lacken", to get a nice reflection of my photo subject.


I start my photo tour at the Innsbruck market place. From here you have the best view of the colorful row of houses on the Inn. A picture of it belongs to the "must-haves" of holiday photos from Innsbruck and should not be missing in any photo album. I can recommend the Innsbruck market place at any time of the year and day. I find it especially beautiful during Advent, when the colorful houses are decorated for Christmas.


My photo tour takes me further into Innsbruck's old town to the Golden Roof, one of the most popular sights in Innsbruck. My favorite time to visit it is during Christmas time, because then there is a special, magical atmosphere. In the early morning hours, the atmosphere here is unmistakably beautiful. It's also worth exploring the Innsbruck City Tower right nearby. From the top you have a fabulous view over Innsbruck's old town. Another eye-catcher is the path towards Maria-Theresien-Straße, which is framed by the beautiful houses of the old town. From here I like to continue to Munding Platz for the next beautiful photos.


The Munding Platz is my little insider tip for you. Tucked away in Innsbruck's old town, it offers you unmistakable photo motifs. From here you can admire the narrow streets (Schlossergasse, Seilergasse, Kiebachgasse). Another tip is the intersection of Marktgrabenstraße and Stainerstraße which offers you an unforgettable view towards Brandjoch.


The Maria-Theresien-Strasse a few meters away is a busy shopping street in the middle of Innsbruck. At different times of the day, it provides completely different impressions that look good on pictures. The selection of perspectives is very diverse: on the one hand the view to the Annasäule towards the Nordkette. On the other hand, the intersection with Anichstraße, which is perfect for taking creative photos with a neutral density filter or the long exposure mode of your smartphone. At the end of Maria-Theresien-Straße, the Triumphpforte offers you an excellent last backdrop of this tour for your photo album.

I wish you a nice photo tour and look forward to seeing one or the other picture from you! By the way, my fellow blogger Danijel has also described other beautiful photo motifs in the city. Also, if you like to take pictures in alpine nature sometime, check out my tips for photo spots in the mountains here.


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