05 August 2021
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Nostalgia - visit to the local railway museum

An old tram makes its rounds: Every Saturday, memories come true for many as a railcar of the Tyrolean Museum Railways travels through Innsbruck. This sight probably gives everyone nostalgic feelings!


When I was a guest at the Tiroler Museumsbahnen two weeks ago, it was the railcar 61 that drove through Innsbruck. The so-called museum line makes the round from the Stubaitalbahnhof via the main station and back again three times every Saturday in summer and autumn. It also serves as a feeder for the visit of the local railway museum. As soon as the tram appears on the streets, it causes a stir. It doesn't matter if they are locals, tourists, old or young. Conversations came to my ears as people reminisced about old memories. After all, it was exactly this set with which one went to school or work.


"Can you remember the conductor who had his own seat in the rear of the train?"

And indeed, the conductor sits there today, just as it used to be, while busily selling tickets to the boarding guests. The tickets are valid for both the ride and the subsequent visit to the museum. The price: 5 Euro for adults and 3 Euro for children from 6-14 years. For corona reasons, boarding is currently only possible at the Stubaitalbahnhof and at the Hauptbahnhof. The reason for this is the required 3-G pass, which is easier to check with two stops.

The ride with the old tram through Innsbruck's city center was a very nice experience for me. The smiling faces of the people when passing by clearly show how important it is to maintain and preserve old assets. The railcar used was built in 1960 and comes from the Austrian company Lohner in Vienna. The engine is from the company Elin. It was in service for the IVB - Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe until 1988.

The trip ends at the Stubaitalbahnhof, because there is the Lokalbahnmuseum and the remise of the Tiroler Museumsbahnen.


The local railway museum is housed in the former station building of the Stubaitalbahn. On display in several showrooms are not only trams from Innsbruck and the surrounding area, but from the whole of the "old" Tyrol. Nostalgic photos, plenty of information about the North and South Tyrolean railways, as well as the Trentino are clearly presented on large display boards. Models of the vehicles can also be admired in showcases.

The depot is only a few steps away from the museum and was formerly used for the former Stubaitalbahn. It was taken over by the Tyrolean Museum Railways in 1983 and renovated from 1999-2001. This made it possible to present the restored vehicles to the visitors in a beautiful way. 24 vehicles could be restored and exhibited up to now. Some of them are certainly still in vivid memory for the one or other Innsbrucker.

Deliberately, I do not want to show all of the exhibited vehicles here, because I can really only recommend a visit to the museum. Look around on site! The members of the association are also happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Lokalbahnmuseum is open every Saturday from May to October.


For special occasions you can book rides with the nostalgic vehicles. For example, trips on the route through the forest to Igls or to the Stubaital are possible. For enquiries and information, simply contact the club directly.


Opening hours: every Saturday from May - October from 09:00 to 17:00

Museum line:

  • 1. Departure: 10:35 from Stubaitalbahnhof / 11:00 Hauptbahnhof (track of the Stubaitalbahn) / 11:15 to Stubaitalbahnhof
  • 2. Journey: 12:35 from Stubaitalbahnhof / 13:00 Hauptbahnhof (track of the Stubaitalbahn) / 13:15 to Stubaitalbahnhof
  • 3. Journey: 14:35 from Stubaitalbahnhof / 15:00 Hauptbahnhof (track of the Stubaitalbahn) / 15:15 to Stubaitalbahnhof

Fare incl. admission: 5€ adults / 3€ children (6-14 years)

The Innsbruck-Card is valid.

Mouth-nose protection and 3-G-rule must be observed!

Website of the Tiroler Museumsbahnen

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Instagram: @danijeljovanovicphotography
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