Innsbruck’s Welcome Cards have been around for a while, offering heavily discounted access to a number of the best attractions in and around the city. The brand new ‘Welcome Card Unlimited‘ version takes things to an unprecedented new level, adding 7 major attractions from around the whole state of Tyrol to the mix – all of which can be reached within an easy one hour journey – for a very affordable price!

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In total there are three versions of the Welcome Card available, and while the new unlimited version is definitely the way to go for most people, you can check out all the different versions HERE.

The Welcome Card Unlimited is available for €59 from participating accommodation providers or the tourist information center, and is available with a stay of three nights or more. Kids get a discount of 50% for ages 4-14 too, so it’s perfect for family vacations! 

Innsbruck’s new Welcome Card Unlimited includes amazing attractions across all of Tyrol

One of the best things about the new ‘Unlimited’ version of the Welcome Card is that it includes access to a bunch of attractions across the whole state of Tyrol, but which you you can get to within a one hour journey form Innsbruck. This makes it super easy to see so much more than just the city when you visit Innsbruck!

Here are 7 of the best extra attractions included with the card:

007 Elements

Inside the summit of the Gaislachkogl Mountain in Sölden you’ll find 007 ELEMENTS, a cinematic installation revolving around James Bond and everything that goes into a Bond movie. It focuses on the movie Spectre, which was filmed in Sölden, but also features other titles in a series of galleries. You get to see the action sequences, cars, high-tech gadgets and so much more! 

For everything to do with James Bond, make sure you check out the 007 Elements experience where Spectre was filmed! Photo : @007 Elements Soelden

With the Welcome Card Unlimited you not only get free admission to the installation, but also a reduced-price cable car round trip. Best dress warm though – the installation is not heated and it can get a bit chilly up there!

The experience is genuinely unique and unforgettable! I’m not the biggest James Bond fan, but the way that they presented everything, with the location, and galleries, was really breathtaking. 

Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Don’t miss the exhibition rooms inside the head of the giant! Photo: @Swarovski Kristallwelten

Enter the world of the giant! A little ways outside of Innsbruck in Wattens you’ll find the Swarovski Crystal Worlds. There are always different shows and exhibitions coming to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds; it is a magical place to visit, regardless of the time of year. When it’s warm, enjoy walking around the garden and marveling at the waterfall flowing from the giant’s mouth, or in the winter, enjoy their light show and wonderfully artistic presentation. 

Chamber of Wonder

Various artists can design the different rooms within the giant, always changing to bring something new and different. Photo : © Yayoi Kusama/Swarovski Kristallwelten

Make sure to go check out the exhibition inside the head of the giant too. Go from room to room and stare in wonder at the beauty. Many of the rooms change over time, while some stay the same, but all are entertaining regardless of how often you visit! 

Achensee Lake Cruises

Enjoy 2 hours on a luxurious cruise ship touring the beautiful Achensee, it’s absolutely stunning! Photo : @Tirol Schiffahrt

Boats, boats, boats! With the Welcome Card Unlimited you can take a two hour trip around Achensee on a luxurious cruise ship. The lake is absolutely gorgeous, and this trip around the lake gives you time to take in the surroundings and really experience the beauty of Tyrol. 

You can’t beat the view! Make sure you take it all in. Photo : @Tirol Schiffahrt

There are a few different stations you can hop on and off at if you so choose. Maybe you even want hop off at the Gaisalm and have a bite to eat? You can only get there by boat or by foot, so the quiet calm is unparalleled.

Area 47 Water Area

The Welcome Card Unlimted gives you access to the Area 47 Water Area, get launched from a Blob, take a plunge off the giant water slide, or zip down in a Hydrobob, you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a thrill. Photo : @Edith Hamberger

This is my absolute top pick of the Welcome Card Unlimited attractions! Whether you’re alone, or with friends or family, Area 47 is simply amazing!! This outdoor natural water park is 20,000 square meters of pure fun! They have Europe’s fastest waterslide, a Blob (see below!), a water cannon that shoots PEOPLE out, a slip and slide, and much more!

Or maybe you want to give wakeboarding a try? There is a rookie wake cable where you can strap on a board and take a spin. There’s also a rock climbing wall over the water, diving platforms, etc… They have everything! If you think this will be a relaxing lake trip, or chance to sunbathe you may want to go elsewhere: Area 47 is an adrenaline rush!

There are several slides to choose from, some faster, some slower, something for everyone. Photo :@Edith Hamberger

Experience ‘Blobbing’, where you can get launched to great heights from a giant airbag in the lake. Ride the water ramp, heading down 17 meters using a Hydrospeed bob. There are 5 slides and diving platforms to launch you into the lake. 

If you dare, get launched from the water cannon, believe it or not there is a person in that water burst! Photo : @Edith Hamberger

The water area is included in the Welcome Card Unlimited, but feel free to combine the water area with another experience too: you can go canyoning and white water rafting, or a whole bunch of other exciting outdoor sports.

Aqua Dome

Maybe you’re looking for a more relaxing water experience than Area 47? Well the Welcome Card Unlimited offers you that too, at the gorgeous Aqua Dome.

Panorama Aqua Dome

If relaxation is your goal, Aqua Dome is the spot to choose! Photo : @Aqua Dome

 There are several pools there to enjoy, including two large basins of thermal spring water, with a lovely temperature hovering around 34-36°C.

Designed to ensure your utter relaxation, you can also enjoy a waterfall, indoor pools and quiet rooms. But it is not just the pools that are so beautifully designed: the huge glass windows reveal an amazing view of the surrounding mountains. The Aqua Dome is a family friendly destination, and also has a kids area. 

Pool Basins Outside

Wade into the warm water, but don’t forget to take in the gorgeous view! Photo : @Aqua Dome

Stubaier Glacier and Ice Grotto

The Stubai Glacier is Austria’s largest glacial ski resort, and home to a beautiful ice grotto. If you were feeling really ambitious you could hike up to the Ice Grotto atop Stubaier Gletscher, but you don’t have to with the Welcome Card Unlimited, which includes a round trip ticket for the gondola. The ice grotto is a true wonder. You don’t really even notice it’s there, and then as you enter a world of ice pathways and underground water it opens up. 

Welcome to the magical world of endless ice, so peaceful. Photo : @Peter Philipp

Make sure you wear appropriate shoes, as you have to traverse some snow and of course ice, and don’t forget… it’s chilly up there! 

Ice Grotto Family

Don’t rush through it, take your time and take it all in. This natural wonder is worth it. Photo : @Andre Schönherr

Tratzberg Castle

Explore the world of knights, emperors, great halls and Habsburgs at Tratzberg Castle near Jenbach. The Tratzberg Castle was first mentioned in the 13th century, and was used as a stronghold being that it was so close to the border. Emperor Maximillian used it as a hunting lodge, and in the late 15th century the fortress burned down, only then to be exchanged for a castle. There is a lot of history there! 

Take a journey through the same hallways that were used by historical figures of times past. Photo : @Schloss Tratzberg

Stroll through the armories, great halls, and take in the art work such as the murals of the Habsburg family tree – it’s huge, including 148 people! They have an interactive area too, where you can find swords and armor to try on and let your imagination flourish. They even offer a 3D virtual reality tour, to allow you to see how things were throughout history. Simply put on the 3D glasses and live the history.

Thank goodness there are benches, allowing you to sit and take your time looking at all the intricate art. Photo : @Schloss Tratzberg

There is so much to see and do with the new Welcome Card Unlimited, and all for a low low price. Do yourself a favor, and save some money while enjoying everything Tyrol has to offer! 


Cover Photo : @ Innsbruck Tourism

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