19 April 2024
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Spring has arrived and the snow has started to melt in the mountains. Spring flowers and trees are blooming in the valley, while winter still reigns on the mountains around Innsbruck. But during these weeks, the snow is also melting high up in the mountains. This is when you can often see images on the mountain slopes that the snow draws on the rocks. We call them "Ausaperungsfigures".

Whether Nordkette, the Serles or the Patscherkofel: many different figures become visible on our mountains in spring. They usually return every year. The melting snow makes the rocks stand out again. With a little imagination, you can recognize the "Ausaperungsfigures". They are often familiar to experienced Innsbruck residents, but not so much to younger generations. A good reason to refresh our knowledge of the well-known Ausaperungsfigures. Incidentally, their name comes from the word "aper". It describes the state of the snow when it gets warmer: soft and often only remnants remain.

The falconer

I grew up in Mühlau near Innsbruck, where I was introduced early on to one of the most famous of the fgures: the falcon bearer.

It appears constantly every year in the same place below the ridge to Rumer Spitze. Depending on how harsh the winter was, it can sometimes be seen as early as the beginning of April, sometimes not until May. For me as a small child, it was always nice to look up to Nordkette on the way to elementary school via the Mühlau parish church to see the falcon bearer. With the falcon on his hand and the beret with feather, he is actually easy to recognize. Once you have found him, you will probably think of him every spring when you look at our beautiful Nordkette. For all those who don't recognize him right away, you can find the solution below.

The witch

You can find the witch on the Brandjoch. It is more visible from the east of the town and if you don't have too steep an angle to the Brandjoch.

Water bearer, priest, servant & co

I don't want to give too much away and let you search for yourselves. With a little imagination, I'm sure you'll find the other figures yourselves.

I have included a drawing for you. Every year in spring you can find these hanging in the Kröll bakery at Riesengasse in Innsbruck's old town. A tradition, so to speak.

Look for the water carrier at Gleirschspitze, the farmhand at Langen Sattel or the knitting woman at Serles. The hunter at Patscherkofel is also waiting to be found. He even has a dachshund next to him. You have to be patient. I haven't found them all yet this year, and you often only see them for a few days. Keep your eyes open and have fun looking!

The resolution to the falconer and the witch

In the last weeks of April and the first weeks of May, you should keep your eyes open and search a little when looking at our surrounding mountains. Visibility should be at its peak during this period. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give exact dates. Late snowfalls or different weather conditions mean that the snow caps are not visible at the same time every year.

Have fun searching!

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