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22 April 2024
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Board the train at your home station, a leisurely dinner, perhaps a nightcap before going to bed, and before you know it you'll wake up in Innsbruck. Then it's straight to your booked accommodation in the city or in one of the surrounding vacation villages. That sounds like a relaxed start to your vacation, doesn't it? I look forward to telling you more about the great offer from ÖBB "In the Nightjet to the mountains" to the mountains.

Comfortably through the night

Anyone who has ever traveled by night train will surely agree with me: It's an extremely relaxed, cheap and climate-friendly way to travel. Of course, I also like flying or driving, but the train saves you annoying traffic jams and long waiting times at check-in or security at the airport. What's more - and this is probably where I have to take myself to task the most - short-haul flights are absolutely avoidable and not good for our environment. And to mention another advantage: A train journey slows you down. You finally have time to read in peace (I can't do that in the car, it makes me sick) or listen to an exciting podcast. You also save on accommodation costs on the Nightjet - so I think we have a lot of arguments in favor of taking the night train.

Spoilt for choice

We've worked out how to get to Tyrol. But where exactly? The "Into the mountains on the Nightjet" offers the right destination for every taste. In this article we concentrate on Innsbruck and the surrounding vacation villages. Whether alone, with family or friends, on a city trip, hiking or preferably all at once - everything is possible.

City life and alpine flair

Alpine adventures and urban experiences - our provincial capital offers this unique combination: shopping in Maria-Theresien-Straße in the morning, lunch in the high mountains with breathtaking 360° panoramic views, then back to the city on the Innsbruck Nordkettenbahnen cable car, perhaps a visit to a museum and an evening of good food and partying to round off the day. This is what a typical day on vacation in Innsbruck could look like. To get the most out of your city trip and save money at the same time, I recommend the Innsbruck Card - you can find all the important information here.

Mountaineering paradise: Sellrain and Kühtai

For those who like it quieter, enjoy hiking and nature, the Sellrain Valley southwest of Innsbruck with its mountaineering villages of Sellrain, Gries and St. Sigmund. Families can go on leisurely hikes, my recommendation is a trip to the Gleirschalm. The rear Sellraintal with the villages of Praxmar and Lüsens is, like Kühtai, characterized by its rugged natural beauty. Experienced mountaineers who want to get up high will get their money's worth here. One of my favorite hikes (which is also ideal for families) is the Three Lakes Circuit in Kühtai. Especially on hot summer days, when you can hardly stand it in the city, the cooler mountain air is a welcome change.

Enjoyment along the Inn

The villages of Pfaffenhofen, Oberhofen, Flaurling, Polling, Hatting and Inzing along the Inn are an insider tip for those who prefer things a little less touristy. There are no large hotels here, but there are many small farm stores and beautiful hiking and cycling trails. A highlight for connoisseurs is the Inntal pleasure cycle path. Here, it's not about the kilometers cycled but, as the name suggests, about the enjoyment. Regional businesses and farmers offer local delicacies at 24 stations along the route. From bee honey and schnapps to fresh fruit and vegetables, there is something for every taste.

Family vacation in Oberperfuss

Oberperfuss is a paradise for families and nature lovers who appreciate the proximity to the town. Those who prefer a more leisurely pace can take the Oberperfuss cable cars to get a taste of the mountain air without too much effort. My children definitely fall into this category. So we take the comfortable 8-seater gondola lift to Stiglreith. This is where the Oberperfuss ghost trail begins, where we meet the so-called "Baumbarts", listen to their stories and finally enjoy our picnic at the reservoir.

Summer, sun, sunshine on the Mieminger Plateau

The Mieminger Plateau is a beautiful region that lends itself to a variety of activities such as hiking, golfing, culinary delights, relaxing hotel stays and wellness. We even got married up here - that's how much I love this area. With over 2,000 hours of sunshine a year, the "sunny plateau" lives up to its unofficial nickname. Vast fields, rolling hills and the breathtaking view of the majestic Mieminger chain give the landscape an almost kitschy beauty. I find it really difficult to be brief, but if I had to recommend one hotel, one restaurant and one excursion destination on the Mieminger Plateau, it would be the Alpenresort Schwarzthe Greenvieh and the Hike to the Stöttlalm.

Welcome Card

If you are traveling by train, you will of course be completely dependent on public transport. However, this is not a problem in and around Innsbruck. All vacation villages are easily accessible by bus or train. And best of all: guests staying two nights or more in one of the partner establishments receive the free Welcome Card, which not only allows them to use all public transport in the region, including the Innsbruck city bike (for 24 hours), but also offers many other benefits. Everything you need to know about the Welcome Card can be found here.

How does it work?

The best way to book "In the Nightjet to the mountains" is in writing using the Application form directly to ÖBB Rail Tours no later than seven working days before arrival.

Bookings can also be made by telephone(+43 (0)1 89930, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) or by e-mail to possible.

Ms. Sabine Ecker-Djuric from ÖBB Rail Tours assured me that the staff will do their best to prepare a suitable offer and send it to the customer within one working day.

What is included?

  • Rail journey there and back on the ÖBB Nightjet including seat reservation. An extra charge for the couchette coach is possible - and to ensure a relaxed travel experience, I would definitely recommend this.
  • Voucher for the world package from komoot worth 29.99 euros
  • Transfer to the desired accommodation in the relevant vacation destination and back

The offer "In the Nightjet to the mountains" is valid from 1.5. to 31.10.2024.

All details for the offer for the Innsbruck region at a glance.

Cover picture: © Innsbruck Tourismus/Markus Mair

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