04 March 2024
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Mrs. Holle has generously provided us with a fresh blanket of snow. An impressive 50 centimetres fell recently, so I decided to spontaneously go on my long-planned snowshoe hike. The starting point is Mösern, and the destination is the summit of the Brunschkopf at an altitude of 1,510 meters. This mountain promises breathtaking views of the Seefeld plateau and the Hohe Munde as well as views deep into the Inntal valley.


The starting point in Mösern, a village in the municipality of Telfs, marks the beginning of your route, which takes you past Lake Mösern and the Möserer Seestuben. Follow the signs consistently in the direction of Seefeld and Brunschkopf. At the beginning, the trail runs flat along a small stream on a well-cleared forest path. At the first junction, turn right and enter the forest with your snowshoes. The path becomes a little steeper and leads you through untouched snow, while always keeping an eye on the marked hiking trail, until you reach the next fork.

At this point, special attention is required: follow trail number 61 in the direction of Brunschkopf. After a short time, the terrain becomes flatter and offers ideal conditions for a relaxed snowshoe hike.

After a while, you reach a crossroads where two paths lead to the Brunschkopf. At this point, we opt for the path over the Möserer Höhe, as it promises an enchanting viewpoint. The path climbs slightly here and leads you to the clearly marked viewpoint. This is located just a few meters from the path and offers a magical view of the Hohe Munde and the Gaistal, which is sure to make anyone's heart beat faster.

Brunschkopf (1,510 m)

From the Möserer Höhe at 1,500 meters, the path continues gently up and down towards Brunschkopf. After another 20 minutes or so, you will finally reach your destination and will immediately be amazed by the impressive view. The entire Seefeld plateau with the Seefelder Spitze and Reither Spitze peaks lies at your feet. Excellent binoculars and wooden deckchairs invite you to take a well-deserved break here in the sun and take in the beauty of nature.

Return via the same route, but no longer via the Möserer Höhe, but via the second path that leads to the fork in the trail (described and signposted above).

If you prefer, you can also take a circular route via the Wildmoosalm. Here you have to descend relatively steeply from the Brunschkopf to the alpine pasture and from there take the path towards Mösern. However, this path is usually cleared and can therefore be walked on without snowshoes.

I have decided to take the direct route back to Mösern and would like to take a walk around Lake Mösern and visit another highlight: the Peace Bell.

Lake Mösern

Lake Möserer See is just a five-minute walk from our original starting point. The lake is beautifully nestled in the forest at almost 1,300 meters and is a very special place for me - a place of power. It's wonderful here at any time of year, but winter has a special charm of tranquillity. I took the photos and video the day before the snowshoe hike, when there was a lot of fresh snow.

Peace bell

At the southern end of the lake, we approach the final highlight of the tour: we visit the Möserer Friedensglocke.

This was moved to a new location in 2023 and offers a breathtaking view of the Inntal valley and Telfs from the newly built viewing platform.

The peace bell rings daily at 5 pm and its sound is intended to bring peace and cohesion to the Alpine region - a very special message in these times.

Incidentally, the bell comes from the famous Grassmayr bell foundry in Innsbruck.

Information about the tour

Starting point: Mösern (municipality of Telfs) - easily accessible by public transport: train to Seefeld and bus to Mösern or train to Telfs and bus to Mösern. Paid parking lot available.

Destination: Brunschkopf at 1,510 meters

Length: 8.4 kilometers

Altitude: 310meters uphill

All photos © Danijel Jovanovic Photography - www.djphotography.at
Instagram: @danijeljovanovicphotography
Facebook: Danijel Jovanovic Photography

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