12 July 2021
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The temperatures are rising, the school holidays are here and the swimming pools are getting fuller again. On particularly hot days, I'm often drawn to the heights, the forest or the lake. You and your kids too? Then I have a great tip for you - a combination of all three: the Ice Age Trail in Mösern. You start at a lake, hike through the forest and the destination is at a lofty 1,489 metres.


Researchers have been studying the Ice Age and glaciers since time immemorial. Particularly in the Alps, the ice ages laid the foundations for the way the landscapes look today. This is clearly visible here in Mösern, a particularly dramatic place in terms of geological history. Here, the mighty flow of the Inntal glacier created the Inntal valley, which is up to 600 metres lower. Mountain glaciers are sensitive to changes in the climate system and are among the most visible indicators of climate change. Climate change is a topic that is more topical today than ever before. The Ice Age Trail is perhaps a good starting point for talking about it with your children. But what it is in any case: a wonderful hike with a really beautiful destination - and by the way you educate yourself a bit more.


The approximately 4-kilometre-long Ice Age Trail consists of 11 stations with exciting information, viewing points, puzzles and interactive stations that explain to young and old hikers such topics as glaciation, glacial force, ice height, glacial flow, glacial erratics, erratic blocks and much more.

The trail is easy to walk - part of it is a forest road, part of it is a trail - but it is not suitable for prams. If you have small children with you, it is best to use a stretcher or harness.

The starting point is in Mösern. We always park at the (paid) parking lot on the access road to the Möserer See, where the first station is located. On hot days it's best to plan a little more time and cool off either before (or better) after the hike in the Möserer See (a wonderful blog post about the lake can be found here).

It is a little counterproductive that one of the highlights is right at the beginning. Because not only the lake itself, but also the forest playground near the lake are just super interesting for the little ones (a blog post about it can be found here). Who knows us or has read one or the other of my blog posts, knows that my kids can be quite lazy sometimes. For those who feel the same way, I recommend skipping the first few stations and catching up at the end when you go back. Because once the kids are in the water or at the playground, they are really really hard to get out of (at least mine are). And believe me, it's worth it to go all the way. You can hardly get lost, just follow the "frozen" signs to the Brunschkopf.


The Brunschkopf is my highlight. I'll admit, I've walked the Ice Age Trail on my own without my kids, and I've enjoyed it immensely, taking my time to enjoy this beautiful view, letting my mind wander and the sun shine on my face. I think I sat there for about 20 minutes just doing nothing else but looking. But even the little ones can appreciate the view and it's a great place for a leisurely picnic.

I can only warmly recommend the Ice Age Trail. There really is something for everyone: a hike through a beautiful landscape, great viewpoints, interesting information and last but not least a playground and the well-deserved cooling off in the cool water.


Walking time: approx. 2 - 2.5 hours
Route: Möserer See Hintereben, path 60 turn-off (left, path 61) to Möserer Höhe, panoramic path to Brunschkopf (the path is very well signposted)
Difficulty: easy (but not suitable for prams)
Parking: paid car park
How to get there by public transport: from Innsbruck it is best to take the train to Seefeld and from there bus 8354 to Mösern (exit Hinterfeldlift)
Family hikes: if you are looking for more family hikes, you will find what you are looking for here or in this blog post

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