Remember the first time you ever visited Innsbruck and you basically stared at the mountains for the first three days? Yup, me too. When it comes to beautiful mountain views, you’re spoilt for choice in Innsbruck. There are amazing panoramas on all four sides of the city, each with their own unique snapshot of the mountains.

Looking for that magical Instagram shot? Here are our picks for the most amazing winter views of Innsbruck city.


On the south side of the city is Innsbruck’s home mountain: the Patscherkofel. Home to ski touring routes, a toboggan track and an Olympic-level ski run, it is a mecca for winter sports fans. But even if you’re not into skiing, a trip up the Patscherkofelbahn cable car is worth it for one other reason: this stunning view.

The mountains in the background are known as the Nordkette, a majestic mountain range that stretches the entire length of the city and beyond. For the best view of the Nordkette, head to the “Das Kofel” restaurant at the top of the cable car (the building in the image above). Their stunning terrace gives you an unlimited view of the snowy mountain wilderness, without having to climb a mountain yourself!


A bit further down from the Patscherkofel, you’ll find the quaint village of Rinn. This picturesque town is known for its toboggan track, its cross-country trails and its overall Tirolean charm. It also offers some amazing views: hike up to one of the trails above the town and you’ll be treated to this stunning panorama.

From this side of the city, you can see the majestic Ötztaler Alps on the left, and the famous “Martin’s Wall” mountain on the right, at the end of the Nordkette. This is also the ultimate place to watch a winter sunset—the pink glow reflects off the snow giving you a wonderful natural light show.


Hungerburg is a suburb of Innsbruck, perched on a plateau above the city at the foot of the Nordkette mountains. You can reach Hungerburg by taking the (originally-named) Hungerburgbahn funicular up from Innsbruck’s old town, giving you plenty of gorgeous views along the way. But the highlight is at the top of the funicular. As you exit the top station, you’ll come out onto a huge viewing platform with probably the most beautiful view over Innsbruck city.

From here you can see the three major peaks around Innsbruck: the Patscherkofel, the Nockspitze, and the mighty Serles in between them. But it’s also a great place to spot the sights of the city down below. The Bergisel ski jump is easy to spot, as is the airport. But what about the Hofgarten park, the Congress or the Tivoli stadium? Bonus points if you find your house or hotel.


They call Axamer Lizum the “White Roof of Innsbruck” (as opposed to the city’s Golden Roof) and they aren’t wrong. The shady, east-facing slopes not only offer great snow quality, but also views that are out of this world. Here is what you can expect from the fresh powder next to the Pleisen chair lift.

What I love most about being up this high is that you feel you’re in a different world, particularly once spring comes around. Down in the city, everything is starting to turn green, whereas up here, winter is still in full swing. It almost feels like a secret paradise: if only the people down there knew what they were missing!

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