The city of Innsbruck and Innsbruck Tourismus introduced a joint brand in 2011. In recent years, more and more service providers have joined forces under the umbrella brand of “Innsbruck”. At Innsbruck Tourismus, we now no longer refer to “Innsbruck Tourismus and its holiday villages” separately but instead use the universal term “the Innsbruck region” in our communication. 

The holiday villages and individual regions are all marketed under the Innsbruck brand. So far, we have explored seven successful characteristics that define the Innsbruck brand. These factors also represent the powerful elements of the brand system that attract a positive response among residents and guests and help the brand to achieve success. The power and long-term impact of the brand are the result of the systematic interplay between these successful characteristics.

Innsbruck fascinates visitors and residents alike with its urban alpine landscapes and experiences and inspires them to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle.

A fascinating alpine mountain world

The mountains around Innsbruck not only provide a breathtaking alpine backdrop but also offer a multitude of sport and leisure activities such as skiing, snowboarding, downhill racing, mountain climbing and hiking. Innsbruck Tourismus wants to strengthen its communication of this fascinating environment and actively present it to future visitors to the city.

A vibrant urban location

Interesting urban development measures such as the pedestrian zone on Maria Theresien Street, the reopening of the Kaufhaus Tyrol shopping centre and the world’s largest Swarovski shop in Innsbruck’s historic old town offer a fascinating mix of specialist retailers and shopping centres, thus attracting residents and visitors alike. In the future, Innsbruck will continue to implement further attractive measures in order to be perceived as a vibrant urban location.

Sporting expertise

As the host of the Youth Olympic Games 2012, Innsbruck was the first city in the world to ignite the Olympic flame for the third time. Ski jumping competitions at Bergisel and many other events, activities and special facilities also reflect Innsbruck’s expertise in the field of sport. The local population has its own specific "sports gene" and this should be "contagious" for visitors to the city.

Healthy living

Innsbruck has the lowest healthcare costs per resident in the whole of Austria. One of the reasons behind this achievement is the strong focus on sport among the local population. In the future, Innsbruck wants to introduce even more measures that promote and support activity in the fields of prevention, health education and health promotion.

Ecological excellence

There’s no denying that the city of Innsbruck is affected by transport. Nevertheless, Innsbruck wants to actively commit to environmentally friendly and resource-saving measures and become a "model city" under the existing conditions in the future.

Young, intelligent and cosmopolitan

With nearly 30,000 students in an overall population of around 148,000 residents, Innsbruck is a university city with youthful vitality. The universities, the MCI and other institutes all enable the city to offer above-average educational services and facilities. In the future, Innsbruck will continue to make a cosmopolitan impact in the area of education, in its cooperation with its partner cities all over the world and in many other areas.

Avant-garde alpine aesthetics

When it comes to aesthetics, Innsbruck is home to a multitude of outstanding and globally recognised architectural structures such as the Hungerburgbahn funicular, the Rathausgalerien shopping centre, the Bergisel Ski Jump, the Kaufhaus Tyrol shopping centre, etc. The city wants to continue to pursue this design approach in its architecture, communication and various product developments.

Brand Book download

You can find out more about the successful characteristics of the Innsbruck brand in the Brand Book. 

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