24 July 2023
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Reading is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable hobbies there is. No matter where you are and what you read - books can take you into another world, expand your knowledge, show you new perspectives and make you happy. But where can you find the right books? Online is one option, of course, but you'll look in vain for personal advice. You can get that at your local bookseller. Isn't it much more charming to stroll through the bookstore around the corner and let yourself be carried away into the world of books. Many Innsbruck bookstores even have a small café integrated. And let's be honest: nothing beats the combination of books and coffee. It's not just for romantic reasons that it's worth supporting local bookstores. As readers, we can make an important contribution to sustaining the local cultural and economic scene through our purchasing decisions. In this blog post, I'll tell you the best places to store for books in Innsbruck.

What makes a good bookstore?

Before we start, I would like to briefly discuss what actually makes a really good bookseller - at least according to the criteria of the Austrian Book Trade Prize, which has been awarded annually to five selected Austrian bookstores since 2017. Important factors include a high-quality range of products that is as broad as possible, commitment to promoting reading and literature, and, of course, competent advice. The store design, including the display windows, and an inviting and customer-friendly website are also important.

Class instead of mass: Liber Wiederin

The first bookstore I'm introducing to you won the Austrian Book Trade Award in 2017. So we're talking about one of the best in all of Austria. What's more, it's located quite centrally and is therefore easily accessible. Nevertheless - yes, I am a little ashamed - I discovered it only recently. What can you find here? Quality children's and youth literature, sophisticated fiction, and a large selection of humanities books and non-fiction.

In addition, three true book experts are at your side who can advise you perfectly. Thanks to their many years of experience, their training, and not least their passion and love for good books, you are in the best hands here. I had the pleasure of chatting a bit with Mr. Hey-Ehrl - one of the three experts along with Managing Director Mag. Thomas Wiederin and Sabine Oguzhan. In our short conversation, I realized once again what a difference it makes to talk to a true connoisseur. When someone knows and loves what they are selling, they are much better able to respond to their customers and their needs. "I take notes on every book I read and keep a kind of reading diary, so to speak," says Ekkehard Hey-Ehrl, who studied history and German studies. If you are looking for an assortment bookstore and are looking for targeted selection instead of abundance, you will find what you are looking for at the Liber Wiederin is the right address.

Daffodils: from linguist to bookseller

In Wilten - the "village in the city", where people still know each other by name, greet and support each other, Tania Cordella opened her charming bookstore in November 2022 Daffodils. I had the pleasure of letting her guide me through her charming store and chat a bit with her. "Although I was born in Germany, I spent most of my childhood in Italy and was the only family member who barely spoke German. I had to change that. For this reason, and my love of literature, I studied German and English language and literature in Trieste and Regensburg," Tania says. "Like many linguists, I was at a loss after graduation and didn't know exactly what to do with my life. Since I've always loved books, I decided to train as a bookseller - and that was exactly the right thing for me. Although I also thought about working in a publishing house, I realized that I needed direct customer contact. I definitely feel I'm in the right place."

The foundation is laid early

When you enter the bookstore, the children's books immediately catch your eye. Tania explains that this is deliberate, because the foundation for later reading enjoyment is laid in childhood. It's important to her to signal to children, "You're here, you're important." As a mother of three, she knows how essential it is to give young readers a space where they can immerse themselves and sink into the world of books. She herself enjoys reading to her children. "I love that half hour in the evening when we read together. It gives me a chance to calm down myself." She pays special attention to (children's) nonfiction. "There are so many great nonfiction books for kids that I wish had existed in my day." When I ask her for examples, she mentions, among others, the book "Courage for Blood," which addresses the female period in a way that is appropriate for children.

You can tell that the topic of feminism is very important to Tania. Therefore, she also offers a great selection of books on this topic. You can also find fiction, non-fiction and a small selection of English and Italian literature. If you are looking for a charming bookstore with a very charming owner in one of the most charming parts of Innsbruck, Daffodils is the place for you!

Tyrolia Book Paradise

My mom is a true book lover. She tried to instill a love of the written word in us at an early age, and so I have many childhood memories of Tyrolia - her favorite bookstore. In the beginning, I was mainly attracted to the stationery department because of my beloved Diddl blocks. But over the years, my interests changed. At Tyrolia, I found and still find everything my book heart desires - from my childhood heroes like Thomas Brezina to trashy romance novels and exciting thrillers by Stephen King.... Tyrolia has a presence far beyond Tyrol's borders with a total of 21 branches, its own online store and various social media communities.

Innsbruck's literary living room

Particularly beautiful and definitely worth a visit is the branch on Maria-Theresien-Strasse, known as the literary "living room of Innsbruck". in 2022, it was even named "Bookstore of the Year" - and rightly so! Young and old, readers and the curious meet here in a cozy ambience, surrounded by wide-ranging and high-quality bookshelves. They can browse in the Panorama Café and meet authors in person at top-class events. With over 100 years of book experience, Tyrolia is an institution that nevertheless moves with the times. As much as I appreciate bound books, I also love my e-reader. Tyrolia offers a wide range of ebooks that you can easily download to your pocketbook. In my opinion, this is ideal if you're going on vacation and can't/won't take your entire bookshelf with you.

Wagner'sche Bookshop

Wagner'sche Buchhandlung combines everything that makes a bookstore special! It looks back on a long history and is even the oldest bookstore in Tyrol. As an independent, owner-operated bookstore, it is a paradise for book lovers. "Individualists who care about their customers and who have made their passion for books their profession work here." So says deputy manager Gerlinde Tamerl, with a smile. The book expert has been working at the bookstore for more than three years, and has designed many regional games for the Wagner'sche Buchhandlung publishing house, such as the "Innsbruck Game" or the "Tirol Game." She also works as a freelance literary critic for the daily newspaper "Der Standard" and is a juror for the ORF Bestenliste.

Books are places of longing

Gerlinde Tamerl took the time to guide me through Wagner's. You could tell right away that she's a perfectionist with an eye for everything and an eye for detail. "I like things neat and tidy," says Gerlinde Tamerl with a smile as she adjusts books with loving gestures. I like her right away, and not just because of her love of order, but also because you can just tell how competent she is and how much she loves what she does. "In a way, books also embody places of longing," philosophizes the Tyrolean native, pointing to a bookshelf right in the entrance area. This is where the current bestsellers can be found. In addition to thrillers, cookbooks and guidebooks, there are also books such as "Boatlife. Life and Freedom on the Water," which may awaken undiscovered longings. Gerlinde Tamerl says "Especially now on vacation, we have time to read and spend a little time with ourselves. Books are wonderful companions, even when it comes to reinventing ourselves."

Surprise Surprise

If you want to do something good for yourself (or others) and you love surprises, treat yourself to a "blind date". Sounds exciting? It is. Here you can buy books that you know nothing about except for a few keywords. We'll stick to surprises: A book subscription from Wagner'sche Buchhandlung is the perfect literary companion for the year. For a fixed monthly or bimonthly amount, books are specially selected according to your wishes and interests and delivered free of charge on request. What a service Wagner'sche offers its customers. Gerlinde Tamerl says: "I also like to talk to people on the phone and ask them about their preferences. I then use this knowledge to select suitable books. It sounds a bit therapeutic, but often it can also be a good guide to ask an interested reader, "How are you? What's on your mind right now?". Sometimes a suitable book actually comes to mind!"

Cake, coffee and books

But Wagner'sche Buchhandlung has much more to offer: the Café Momo for example. Here, only vegetarian and vegan dishes are served. It impresses with a wonderful terrace that invites you to chill out and browse. Let your soul dangle with a piece of cheesecake and enjoy life. Without exaggerating, I can assure you that Café Momo is the most beautiful café integrated into a bookstore that I have ever seen. Gerlinde Tamerl and her colleague Helena Töchterle also sometimes enjoy a little break on the terrace.

Book enjoyment after closing time

Have you ever dreamed of spending an evening all alone in a bookstore? Wagner'sche Buchhandlung makes it possible. Attention book lovers! Your wish will come true, immerse yourself in the magical world of Wagner's Bookshop: You can browse in peace, all alone, but with a tempting meal from Cafè Momo. Further information and where you can book this exclusive reading evening can be found here.

Even the youngest are not forgotten

At Wagner'schen Buchhandlung, the youngest readers are naturally also the focus of attention. Read-aloud sessions are held on a regular basis. "Reading aloud is like an intimate embrace," says Gerlinde Tamerl. You'll soon find the fall dates on the website. Oh, and by the way, it should be mentioned that Wagner'sche Buchhandlung also joins the ranks of Innsbruck's award-winning bookstores. In 2020, it received the Austrian Bookshop Award.

Haymon - Architecture meets literature

The Haymon bookstore on Sparkassenplatz captivates with its extraordinary and multiple award-winning architecture. With over 9,000 titles, readers are offered a wide selection of literature. From classics to bestsellers to exciting new discoveries, everything is there. But an assortment of gift books and a well-kept selection of children's books are also on offer. To underline the importance of the traditional book trade, the Haymon bookstore is part of the 5plus bookstore cooperation. Nine owner-operated bookstores from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have joined forces here. They are all united by their love of books and a selected range, as well as a passion for their profession.

Summertime means reading time for me. Even though I don't read as much as I would like to, I'm really looking forward to my vacation and a few quiet hours on the deck chair with a good book in my hand. Now you have to keep your fingers crossed that my children let me have this pleasure. In any case, I hope to be able to inspire you a little. Although it's very tempting to order from the big online giants (and I'm unfortunately no exception), it's much more fun to stroll through one of the wonderful Innsbruck bookstores and get advice from trained professionals.


liber wiederin
Address: Erlerstraße 6, 6020 Innsbruck
Phone: +43/512 890365
E-mail: mail@liberwiederin.at

Address: Leopoldstraße 36, 6020 Innsbruck
Phone: +43/664 1287650
E-mail: Info@buchhandlung-daffodils.at

Address: Maria-Theresien-Strasse 15, 6020 Innsbruck
Phone +43 /512 / 2233-0
E-mail: customer-care@tyrolia.at

Wagner'sche Buchhandlung
Address Museumstraße 4, 6020 Innsbruck
Telenfon +43/512 595 05-0
E-mail: office@wagnersche.at

Address: Sparkassenplatz 4, 6020 Innsbruck
Phone: +43 512 57 18 18
E-mail: bestellung@haymonbuchhandlung.at

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