15 February 2021
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See Innsbruck with different eyes, solve puzzles and redeem a sweet treasure at the end? Yes, please! With the offer of the "Go Innsbruck" experience, nothing stands in the way of free puzzle fun. The treasure maps for two elaborate scavenger hunts are handed out at the Innsbruck Information. Both routes are based on one of the seven city walks described in a separate brochure(info + download here).

After Elisabeth has already dedicated herself to the habsburg Tour we have dedicated ourselves to the authentic Innsbruck taken on this one. It's a particularly beautiful route that leads to quite a few churches and reveals magnificent vantage points of the city. In addition, such a carving hunt is also a nice alternative program to winter sports!


The tour starts at the tourist information office at the Burggraben, where it ends after about three hours (at a leisurely pace). The tour is like a small journey through time and begins where the city of Innsbruck found its beginnings: in the oldest district of Innsbruck - in Anpruggen. Anpruggen includes the even smaller areas of Mariahilf, Hötting and St. Nikolaus, which will be visited during the scavenger hunt. Many of the houses that stand here date back to the 15th century and those on the Innrain are probably among the most photographed buildings in the city. No wonder, with the Nordkette in the background they make a unique picture. Afterwards we walk a bit uphill to the old and new Höttinger church before the tour leads to St. Nikolaus.

Here you can find the exact walk online: Walk through Anpruggen and the old town


If you think you can cheat and just google the answers to the questions, you're wrong! Because most of the riddles are not difficult, but you must have been at least briefly on site to answer the question. Also not bad to just leave your phone in your backpack - solve the riddles and enjoy the view.


The round is also doable with prams, but it is steep uphill - but you can shorten the part with a short bus ride. To do this, simply take the J at the market square and ride to Höttinger Kirchplatz. After the two riddles here, it goes over the Riedgassen to the castle Büchsenhausen and then down to St. Nikolaus. In snow and mud, the stretcher is more recommended.


All information about the scavenger hunt Go Innsbruck can be found here.

Have fun discovering Innsbruck!

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