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02 June 2023
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Innsbruck is multifaceted: a student city, an Alpine metropolis, steeped in history, a tourist magnet, sporty and close to nature. There are many words to describe the Tyrolean capital. Each district has its own special feature. Today I would like to take you to one of the coolest: Wilten - a real gem that is sometimes overlooked by tourists. Here you can experience the "real" and authentic, hip Innsbruck. If you are looking for originality and don't want ordinary souvenirs, the southern side of the Triumphpforte is the place for you. I will show you where to find the most unique, beautiful and special souvenirs in Wilten.

Wilten: A village in the city

It was a great pleasure to meet Barbara Wachter - a native of Wilten, a power woman and a true original. Together with Adi Rauscher - the managing director of Textil Rauscher GmbH & Co KG - she is the chairwoman of the Association for the Promotion of Wilten as a Business Location and owner of the store Wachter's Living & Giving. Together with her colleagues, the Wilten business people, she is working extremely successfully to make her district even more attractive. "There is no competition or bickering among us; we pull together," Barbara Wachter tells me. When I ask her for recommendations for stores that offer unique souvenirs, she immediately picks up the phone to put me in touch with other merchants. You can sense with every word how important "her" Wilten is to her. In Wilten, cohesion is lived, both on a business and a private level. Wilten is, after all, a village in the city.

Up-and-coming district and hotspot for start-ups and creative concepts

Wilten used to be considered a dying district, but that's hard to imagine today when you stroll through the streets and pass all the hip eateries and stores. When I ask why there's a certain change in businesses in Wilten, Barbara replies, "If you have a good idea and want to start a start-up, you look at doing it best in Wilten." For her, Wilten is the perfect place to try out herself and new concepts. If it works, all the better. If not, something new emerges. Barbara Wachter herself has been running her business Wachter's Wohnen & Schenken for 27 years now and can look back on successful times.

Unique souvenirs and home accessories at Wachter's Wohnen & Schenken

This post is all about souvenirs that will remind you of your vacation even when you're home. Let's face it, we don't need a thousand fridge magnets or tacky snow globes. Luckily, that's exactly what you won't find at Wachter's Wohnen & Schenken. Instead, you'll discover original home furnishings, quality tableware, bags, eyewear and much more. I was especially thrilled by the beautiful jewelry - and I'm picky about that. I like delicate pieces that are not too extravagant or kitschy. That's exactly what I found with Barbara. You can feel her love for Scandinavian style. Her products are clean, elegant and yet unique. About 70 percent of her collection comes from Denmark, while for jewelry she also offers beautiful pieces from Bali. What is her secret to her store's longstanding success? "Everyone can find something at my store, regardless of whether it costs €2.00 or €900.00.

The X-Double - The hotspot for Innsbruck's skateboarding scene

Have you ever wished you could do something well just because you liked the style? As a teenager I would have loved to be a cool skater, but unfortunately I'm completely talentless. Hopefully you guys are more talented. If so, I have the perfect souvenir to remind you of Innsbruck even when you're at home, cruising through your hometown: a skateboard with the street map of Innsbruck - including a special marker for Wilten! Where can you buy this great piece - and much more? At X-Doubleinnsbruck's top address for all skaters and those who want to become one.

The X-Double has been an integral part of the skateboard community in Innsbruck for almost 20 years. Here you can find everything from skateboards to accessories and shoes to trendy streetwear. Besides well-known brands, the store also offers limited styles and local streetwear labels from Tyrol. In winter, you can also expect a selection of snowboard products. The X-Double actively supports the local scene and is a proud partner of the WUB Halle and the Tivoli Skatepark. Skate workshops, contests and video premieres are organized here to promote and celebrate skateboard culture. Come by and discover for yourself why the X-Double is the hotspot for all skateboarding enthusiasts in Innsbruck.

Always well dressed with Dirndl and Lederhosen

In Tyrol there is always a suitable answer to the question "What do I wear?": Dirndl and Lederhosen. Whether you're invited to a wedding, getting married yourself, attending private or official parties, or participating in an event - the Trachten look always fits! Did you know that the Dirndl was originally the work clothes of maids? The word is derived from "Dirndlgewand" and simply means "maid" or "girl". However, there were "festive dirndls" even back then. The fine ladies from the city were so enthusiastic about this that they took up and established this trend. At "Hay & Straw" you can find both traditional costumes and modern creations, such as those of the Austrian designer Lena Hoschek, who has already dressed stars like Dita Von Teese or Katy Perry. Quality has its price, but in return you get a souvenir that will accompany you for years.

Traditional costume fashion and souvenirs: hay & straw traditional costume fashion from Rauscher

Should the gentlemen feel disadvantaged, there is no reason to panic. There is plenty of choice for them too in the Heu & Stroh range. How about a trendy pair of leather pants, for example? I assure you, these will not only go down well with the Tyrolean Dirndls. But also the Hay & straw hip flask is certainly a great souvenir of the Innsbruck vacation.

An absolute highlight are also the cardigans of the label Hedwig Rauscher - Gwand since generations in family hands. They captivate with their simple elegance, timeless designs and high quality. Equally charming and a dreamlike souvenir are the headband forget-me-not or a beautiful stole with the Tyrolean eagle. These products bear the name of the grandmother Rauscher, and it is important to know that Heu & Stroh | Trachtenmode von Rauscher is part of a traditional family business that has been operating successfully for more than 50 years. Tradition is held high here.

Goldcircus: Timeless elegance from Innsbruck

In a fast-moving world where today's trends are forgotten tomorrow, there is something valuable: consistency. Something to hold on to, be it traditional - like the traditional costume fashion of the Rauscher family - or timeless elegance. If you are looking for the latter, I recommend a visit to the GOLDCIRCUS. Here you'll find hand-forged engagement and wedding rings, delicate gold jewelry made in-house, and modern bridal fashion and accessories. To ensure sustainability and exclusivity, many GOLDCIRCUS products are individually made for you, "made to order" - especially the bridal fashion or wedding rings. All other products like jewelry, engagement rings and the wonderful accessories are of course stocked on site. So if you are looking for a unique, high-quality and extravagant souvenir of Innsbruck, take a look directly at the homepage of GOLDCIRCUS.

Innsbruck is a city full of facets, and Wilten is undoubtedly one of the coolest, hippest, but also most traditional parts of town. Off the beaten tourist track, you'll find a completely different Innsbruck. I hope I could give you a little insight and you now know where you can store best.

Wachter's Wohnen & Schenken
Leopoldstraße 34 , 6020 Innsbruck
Phone: +43 512 / 56 36 00
Mail: office@wachters.at

X- Double Textil Rauscher GmbH
Leopoldstraße 32 , 6020 Innsbruck
Phone: +43 512 / 58 92 28
Mail: info@xdouble.com

Hay & Straw Trachtenmode
Leopoldstrasse 28, 6020 Innsbruck
Mail: info@heuundstroh.com

Leopoldstrasse 30, 6020 Innsbruck
Phone: +43 660 7003387
Mail: hallo@goldcircus.at

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