08 May 2021
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Spring at last, May at last! The flowers are blooming in the gardens and on the valley floor the colour green is finally predominant again. However, after a strong winter the peaks are still well covered with snow, for the first hikes you should better choose valley paths or south-facing hikes. A great spring hike leads to the Untere Schlossbachklamm gorge near Zirl. It is located "one valley further" to the west of the Ehnbachklamm (in which you can climb wonderfully) and has its very own charm. Since it is easy to reach and walk through, it is an ideal destination for two or three hours.


Zirl is located west of Innsbruck and can be reached by car via the A12 in 15 minutes. You can park for example on parking lot 9, which is free as long as you put a parking meter in the windshield. The best way to get to the car park via sat nav is to enter "


The easy circular hike begins at the covered wooden bridge. First turn right over the bridge and then up the forest road to the Zirl shooting range. If you would like to know how shooting is done across the gorge, take a look at the video on the website of the Zirl shooting guild.

The hike then continues through the large house arch and further along the path into the lower gorge.


The highlight of the hike for many is certainly the waterfall at the end of the path into the Untere Schlossbachklamm. Depending on the water level, you can wade through the ice-cold water here and also take a look at the waterfall from the other side.

For picnicking or playing by the water, there are places further forward in the gorge where the river is very wide. From here you also have a great view of the Kalkkögel, which light up in the distance in the evening.


If you are looking for a good place for a cosy sundowner, you might find it at the Fragenstein castle ruins. You reach this after crossing the bridge at the shooting range on the way back. The path leads through two tunnels to the other side of the valley.

On the way to the lower tower there is a Mediterranean breeze in the air. The pine trees, the foehn and the southern exposure provide raised temperatures and a holiday feeling here. From the bench near the tower or at the tower itself you have a good view of Zirl!

Those who wish can also take a look at the upper tower before returning to Zirl. The round tour takes one to two hours, depending on the breaks, and is an ideal afternoon excursion for the whole family.

Walking time: approx. 1 hour
Length: 3 kilometres,
Difference in altitude: 100 metres.

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