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03 March 2021
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It is what it is - consequently one of the most beautiful hiking trails I know: especially in this late winter regardless of age and leisure activity. Because here are seniors, families with children and kids, runners, cyclists and dog owners on the road.

Why is that so?

Igls and Patsch are anyway well-known village gems around Innsbruck. And this winter hiking trail Gletscherblick, which we are strolling through today, is very special.


It only becomes apparent in the middle of the hike: this incredible panorama that opens up all directions and constantly accompanies the path. As almost always, we have a ball in our luggage. Because my daughter rarely leaves the house without a ball. So we are all busy the first part of the hike with ball games. That's good.

The fields next to the sidewalk are also worth a trip or two.


What more could you want. The sun is shining, we are free and everyone is in a good mood. The consistently pleasant slope up and down the hill lets us stroll comfortably. The ball is no longer interesting for my daughter for the time being. Now walking in the middle is high on the agenda. A little later she prefers to be carried by daddy. That's the way it is with family hikes. Steady but slow progress. But with this weather and panorama, everything is fun.


Almost at the end of the long-distance crossroads, a small, fine playground nestles in the landscape. Here, young and old can let off steam. Since my daughter now takes her afternoon nap in the car, Michaela and Birgit indulge in the moment while swinging. Even as children, they exchanged their experiences swinging side by side. Whether they also jumped off back then is not known. Just above the playground is a soccer field with two full-size goals. There you could play a little match or just rush for penalties. Towards spring, we'll hit it here with a bigger ball and a few friends.


At the latest now it is clear why the hiking trail is called Gletscherblick. Because the Stubai Glacier is within reach. But also the view into the Wipptal valley to the Wolfendorn behind the Patsch parish church of St. Donatus makes not only the landscape painter's heart beat faster.


The trail has a consistently pleasant slope up and down the hill. The generously laid out path allows the stroller to roll perfectly and with sufficient snow you can also pull the toboggan fine. The official path starts at the tourist information Igls and leads at the upper part of the hike to Patsch. Today we put the cart before the horse and started on the lower trail: that is, following the Fernkreuzweg in the direction of Patsch until after the sports field and then at the bend on the upper trail back to Igls - simply because it is the sunnier option at this time of year.


  • Walking time: 2h without children, with children up to 3h
  • Length of the route: 6 km
  • Altitude difference: just under 100 hm, so really a fine hike
  • Starting point: Tourist Information Igls or at the big parking lot
  • Arrival: Car or with IVB line J, stop Igls village center
  • Rating: especially valuable

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