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Info and opening hours


Rennweg 4 , 6020 Innbruck

+43 650 / 89 09 892

Wednesday, Thursday: 12.00 am - 6.00 pm
Friday, Saturday: 2.00 pm - 7.00 pm

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Since 2019, the RFDINSEL project has been at home in the Kubus building on Rennweg road. As is the tradition for an artist-run space in a prime inner-city location, this is a place where standard exhibition concepts can be reinvented. The RFDINSEL programme features contemporary art exhibitions combined with the use of the KUBUS building by cultural associations and independent event organisers. Focus is placed on cooperation and social issues. Formats include art exhibitions, performance art, literary events, lectures, panels and music performances. In this way, RFDINSEL provides a complementary counterpoint to the cultural quarter, which is predominantly made up of institutions associated with high culture.

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