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Ostern in Innsbruck
Goldenes Dachl
Erntedank in Birgitz
Krampus in Innsbruck

A small selection of customs and traditions

Be it Krampus parades, carnival celebrations or church holidays, the people in our region are very proud of their customs, which are often centuries-old. Come and be amazed!

  • Mullerumzug Rum
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    Carnival parades and performances have a long tradition in the Innsbruck region. Come and immerse yourself in the colourful world of the Muller, Schleicher and Wampeler!
  • Ostergrab Patsch
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    Many churches display Easter graves in the weeks around Easter. Decorated with glowing balls, they create a very special atmosphere.
  • Krampusmaske Rum
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    On 6 December, St Nicholas comes with small gifts for children. His demon-like companion, the Krampus, can be found letting off steam at various Krampus parades.
  • Bergsilvester
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    In the Innsbruck region, the New Year is celebrated both on the mountain and in the city. Come and experience the unique atmosphere!

Even more experiences

Here you’ll find even more great events and entertainment tips.

Golden Roof Challenge Innsbruck

Not to be missed

The absolute highlights from our event calendar can be found on this page.
Where to today?

Where to today?

Here you’ll find a large selection of the many different traditional events being held in the Innsbruck region.
Definitely worth seeing

Definitely worth seeing

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Innsbrucker Festwochen der Alten Musik

Pure culture

Be it architecture, music or history — the cultural scene in the Innsbruck region has everything you could want and more.

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