"Walk through light"

During the last three days of the "old year", the city of Innsbruck with its special alpine, urban flair will become a luminous work of art. Impressive light displays will add a little sparkle to the turn of the year by illuminating the façades of seven special buildings in the city: the Imperial Palace, the Court Church, the Tyrolean State Theatre, the Haus der Musik, the Golden Roof, St. James' Cathedral and the Mariahilf buildings. This enjoyable "walk through light" allows you to experience unique light creations in special settings over the course of three days.


As darkness hits, artistic light displays are projected onto the façades of the buildings, presenting them in a whole new light. Accompanied by lovely background music, the light displays can be enjoyed at your own pace during your own personal walk through light. The highlight comes on New Year's Eve when the traditional New Year's Eve in the Mountains celebration held up at the Seegrube welcomes the New Year 2022 in style.


Please note: the events held to celebrate the arrival of the New Year are being planned to take into account the situation with Covid-19 and may be adapted, expanded or reduced accordingly.

Events in Innsbruck

This tip will make the time to midnight fly by:


The magical Lightpark is coming back to Innsbruck's Imperial Gardens

Last winter, luminous mythical and natural beings, interactive light installations and magical light shows projected onto historical walls captivated thousands of visitors. In the wake of the overwhelming success of the original event, the light park will be returning this Christmas season: from 5 November to 9 January, hundreds of light sculptures will once again enchant visitors of all ages in Innsbruck's Imperial Gardens.

Different opening hours

during Christmas and New Year

Everything is a little different in Innsbruck during the Christmas season. Not all of the restaurants and museums are open as usual. Some close for a few days, or at least a little earlier than normal: because the staff deserve a relaxing Christmas with their loved ones too. However, you can, of course, still enjoy a delicious meal and lots of fun activities during this time. Here we'll tell you where. Find out more about the opening times for museums and restaurants during Christmas and New Year

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