20 December 2021
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Alone, in pairs or all together? A question that tingles our bellies again, especially at the upcoming turn of the year. Behind held up masks one already rumors, which exactly knows however nobody, one keeps dutifully distance. So we are secretly looking forward to it, despite all the circumstances, and just between us: Here are five fantastic experiences around Innsbruck and New Year's Eve. Open air, at a distance, cultural and sporting: everything is there!

1. Look only.

Looking at what is beautiful. Truly obvious in Innsbruck, one then strolls on and also looks elsewhere. It's easy and enjoyable, you quickly get good at it. If you're classy, you can get a ride, and if you're smart, you sometimes do. In Innsbruck, the Sightseer bus takes care of this for the enjoyable city stroll of the world. According to the self-explanatory hop-on hop-off principle, the bus circles around the most beautiful places in Innsbruck with a fixed route and saves you the frosty walks in between. You can also stay seated and keep looking, always circling, like a happy goldfish.

With the Innsbruck Card or the Ski plus City Pass, the Sightseer is even free of charge. It also turns entrance tickets into a close nod of the head: for example, Alpenzoo, Swarovski Crystal Worlds (via shuttle), Goldenes Dachl, Hofkirche, Innsbruck mountain railroads, Ambras Castle or Bergisel - to name just a few. The current Sightseer route can be found here, the bus runs every 80 minutes. So you can treat yourself to the small imperial city grand princely - instead of just strolling nicely through the alleys. If you are noble but perhaps shy, you can also just look here for now.

2. Make it easy on yourself.

You can also never decide, are torn between two worlds: She or He - City or Mountain? Then just take them both! Because Innsbruck combines alpine and urban, you'll wallow in heaven right here. And with the Ski plus City Pass, you won't have to choose either: Take the Stubai Glacier exactly as it is. Or comb the slopes at the Hafelekar and afterwards relax in the indoor swimming pool. Get high first in the bell foundry and then visit the anatomical museum. In figures: 13 ski areas, 291 kilometers of slopes, 48 kilometers of ski routes, 22 adventure activities, three indoor pools and free mobility everywhere. Skiing pleasure and city flair are so close together in Innsbruck that no leaf fits between them. Must be love, you say? We think so too.

3. Leave the light on.

When a light comes on, it's usually a spectacular self-awareness. So you can colorfully imagine what goes on in the courtyard garden with a few thousand lights. After dark, 300 light objects bring six different stories to life - from the historic pleasure garden of the archdukes, through the imperial zoo, to the forgotten garden of the long-gone Ruhelust Palace. Lumagica: a fairytale-like kilometer round walk, accompanied by spherical sounds, magical mythical creatures, interactive projections, majestic forest and wild animals, music-synchronized productions and cute park inhabitants.

With the Innsbruck Card and the Ski plus City Pass, the ticket is already in your pocket, and if you take an extra turn inside, you'll just get lost in Wonderland on the way. So much is therefore betrayed for safety's sake: There is also a rabbit and you can bring tea. At least until January 9, when it's really too late.

Sparkling strolling.

Even more sea of lights: From the last three days of the year (29. - 31.12.) the small alpine city says goodbye with a sparkling synthesis of the arts: Then the forecourt of the Hofburg, the House of Music with the Tyrolean Landestheater, the Cathedral of St. Jacob, the Golden Roof as well as the market square with the silhouette of Mariahilf shine in elaborate light installations. Accompanied by gentle sounds, you can stroll through the luminous city center from nightfall - where on December 30 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. there will also be small performances by various artists and music groups. A dwarf New Year's Eve of a somewhat different kind - due to the pandemic circumstances. Beautiful hours not only for families, but an eye-catcher for all who want to remember the old year in a colorful way. In times like these, a valuable gift - completely free, but by no means free.

4. Get a little high.

The sparkling New Year's Eve dinner on the Seegrube with the brilliant mountain fireworks between heaven and earth is actually only known in the valley from looking up. Down below, people know that the turn of the year is only official when the Seegrube lights its mountain New Year's Eve. Before that, no cork pops, no one raises a glass. Those who miss the starting signal at close range can still console themselves on New Year's morning with a luxurious New Year's brunch - assuming timely table reservations and 2G. Alternatively, and with the same rules, brunch on the Bergisel can also be enjoyed on the other side of the valley. True to style in the SKY on the ski jump.

5. Special bedtime treat.

At a safe distance from the turn of the year, the Bergisel will once again be in the spotlight: with the anniversary jumping event of the 70th Four Hills Tournament in Innsbruck. Because you know the scenery up close (see Sightseer, see Breakfast), the excitement is twice as much fun. Family television with tradition for seven decades, this time the ski jump plate serves up 134 daring gliders at once. The Austrian exceptional talent Jan Hörl flew here in 2019 unofficially 144 meters - six meters further than the official ski jump record of 2015. The fact that Hörl also won silver at the 2021 World Championships in Oberstdorf in the meantime, of course, already promises a bit of spectacle at Bergisel. You can be there live with a ticket and 2G on site, with friends in front of the TV or alone in bed - somehow everyone is there anyway. And the new year couldn't get off to a better start.

*Update 28.12.2021: The Bergisel Jumping competition will unfortunately take place without spectators due to new Covid measures. Those who want to watch the exciting competition can do so from the comfort of their own home. The Four Hills Tournament will be broadcast live on TV


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