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What do flowers, edelweiss and stars mean? These icons tell you what to expect from your accommodation. Stars are probably the most well-known form of hotel classification. They are based on room size, room facilities and other features. Private accommodation providers and farm holidays have their own systems. Read on to get the lowdown.

Flowers – "Urlaub am Bauernhof" farm holidays

Only farms displaying the "Urlaub am Bauernhof" trademark are regularly checked according to standardised guidelines for the quality of the farm, the facilities and the service. A rating system of 2, 3, 4 or 5 flowers is used to indicate the results.

5 flowers

These holiday-stay farms offer a premium holiday experience in an extraordinary rural setting. The features in the rooms and apartments satisfy the highest standards, catering to your every whim in a farming atmosphere.

4 flowers

These first-rate holiday-stay farms offer rooms and apartments with high-end, high-quality and contemporary features. Expect a holiday paradise to relax and enjoy, surrounded by an authentic farmyard ambience.

3 flowers

You will stay at an attractive and well-equipped holiday-stay farm. The rooms and apartments are comfortable and well kept. A place to settle in and enjoy farm life.

2 flowers

You can expect a cosy holiday-stay farm with nice rooms and apartments offering a modest degree of comfort. Showers and toilets are en-suite or located on a central corridor. The facilities are practical and clean; the place to go for an authentic farmyard holiday.

Edelweiß - "Alpine Gastgeber" (Alpine Hosts)

The Alpine Gastgeber brand and the seals of quality awarded by the Privatvermieter Verband Tirol serve as a guide to help you choose from the wide range of private accommodation available. Alpine Gastgeber distinguishes between 2, 3, 4 and 5 Edelweiss establishments, which must meet specific minimum criteria for quality and comfort.

5 Edelweiss

This distinction is only awarded to the most exclusive establishments with luxurious amenities and fittings. Newly built or recently updated accommodation with modern features and first-class furnishings, as well as spacious room and apartment sizes. Each room in these exclusive establishments includes cable or satellite TV, as well as a private bathroom with a shower that features a…

4 Edelweiss

This distinction is awarded to first-class establishments that have extremely comfortable, tasteful and top-quality furnishings, a light, friendly and harmonious atmosphere and cater specifically to sophisticated living standards. They also feature high-quality furniture and flooring in immaculate, "as new" condition. Standard amenities include wireless internet access, a dishwasher and…

3 Edelweiss Superior

3 Edelweiss Superior establishments must meet all of the criteria for a 4 Edelweiss establishment with only minor discrepancies in size, quality or excellence. If only one of the requirements for a 4 Edelweiss rating is not met, for example the apartment is not fitted with a dishwasher, the accommodation is awarded the distinction 3 Edelweiss Superior.

3 Edelweiss

These establishments offer comfortable rooms or apartments with a cosy, homely and intimate feel. To qualify for this distinction, tasteful materials must be used and the appropriate atmosphere created.

2 Edelweiss

2 Edelweiss establishments offer cosy and basic rooms with a shower and toilet or simply furnished apartments.

Stars - the Austrian hotel classification system

5 stars

Exclusive, luxurious fixtures and fittings, refined, high-quality and elegant materials, hardware in immaculate condition throughout. Architecture, fixtures and fittings, ambience and services offered of international luxury hotel standard. Perfect service with high staffing levels.

4 star superior

The "superior" stands for a clear "extra" in service provision, which is quality checked by a mystery guest visit in line with the classification procedure, and is only applicable to hotels that offer first-class, qualitatively high and up-to-date 4* hardware that is in immaculate condition throughout the hotel. 4* superior is a quality and marketing label for top establishments in the…

4 stars

First-class fixtures and fittings, generous spaces with qualitatively high and up-to-date fixtures and fittings, good noise insulation, high level service, hardware in very good condition.

3 star superior

The additional quality mark "superior" defines a clear "extra" in service provision and stands for "superior", "service", "subjective perception" and "soft criteria".

3 stars

Refined and uniform fixtures and fittings in the visual field of guests, homely character. Hardware in good condition, good service.

2 stars

Functional and comfortable fixtures and fittings. Limited services are also offered in addition to the overnight stay service. The quality of the fixtures and fittings is measured by their functionality and cleanliness, the materials used are of lesser importance.
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