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Hiking and disc golf on Rangger Köpfl mountain – Innsbruck Region
Hiking and disc golf on Rangger Köpfl mountain
Altitude up
Altitude down
Max altitude
1588 METER
Max. route length
2.2 KM
Walking time uphill
Starting point
Bergstation Sulzstich
Bergstation Stiglreith
Best season
Road quality
Mountain meadows
Family trip
Tyrolean hike medal
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Disc golf combines the idea behind the game of golf with the fun and easy-going sport of Frisbee. Disc golf is a fascinating leisure activity that is enjoyed in harmony with nature. It is ideal for both the whole family and ambitious athletes.

Start at the bottom lift station at Bergbahnen Oberperfuss and take the gondolas up to the Sulzstich mountain lift station.

The beautifully situated disc golf course stretches from the Sulzstich mountain lift station down to just below the Stiglreith mountain lift station. During the game, players can enjoy magnificent views of the Inn Valley and the surrounding mountains.  Disc golf discs are available free of charge from the Stiglreith mountain lift station or, if the lift is not in operation, from Panoramarestaurant Stiglreith. (Deposit)

What do I need to play disc golf?  One to three discs, suitable clothing, good footwear and a disc golf scorecard to record the throws (provided with the Frisbee discs).

Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It is suitable for everyone aged 4 and over. The game is played by aiming a type of Frisbee disc, called a golf disc, at disc golf baskets.

The rules are simple: the person who completes all the holes in the least number of throws wins.

The basic rules:

1. Show consideration for walkers, teammates, animals, plants, trees and all other facilities.

2. Players must ensure that nothing and nobody is crossing their path before taking each throw.

3. Play starts from the respective tee and then continues from where that throw lands. This is repeated until the disc reaches the basket.

4. The first throw from a tee is always taken by the player with the least number of throws on the previous hole.

5. After the initial throw, play continues with the player whose disc is furthest away from the target. This applies even if this player needs a few more throws than the others.

Disc golf - an ideal leisure activity and perfect for groups who would like to arrange a tournament, a sport for everyone.


Arrival, public transport

Postbus bus no. 4165, Begbahnen Oberperfuss gondolas

In the surrounding area

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