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There is always something going on on the theater stages in and around Innsbruck. The independent theater scene in the city is extremely productive and surprises audiences time and time again with the high quality of its performances. In addition to the renowned Tyrol folk theaters, there are also numerous smaller folk theaters.
 > "Sendersbühne" Grinzens

"Sendersbühne" Grinzens

Sendersbühne Grinzens
Kirchgasse 7, 6095  Grinzens
+43 699 / 81 27 18 17

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The theatre scene in the village of Grinzens is best known for its dedication, team spirit and outstanding talent.

Building on this solid foundation, the Sendersbühne theatre company has made an excellent name for itself both in the local region and further afield thanks to its highly regarded performances, passion plays and ambitious stage productions. Although the town's theatrical traditions go back a long, long way, the modern-day Sendersbühne actually has a very young ensemble mainly comprised of amateur performers. After starting out as a district of the neighbouring theatrical hotspot of Axams until the early 19th century, it was no surprise that after breaking away in 1811, the small village of Grinzens continued to embrace theatre as an integral part of its new independent community. The local actors gave it their all when performing in small local venues, the so-called "Spielthennen" – first on farms and then later at the traditional village guesthouse. Mountain huts such as the Kemater Alm and the Adolf Pichler Hütte in the Senders Valley were also popular venues. In 1996, the Sendersbühne theatre company was founded following an initiative launched by Leo Walder and several theatre enthusiasts in Grinzens. The Sendersbühne is still yet to establish a fixed venue in the village, but this only adds to the impressive nature of its professional performances with brilliant acting, as well as allowing the company to surprise audiences over and over again with plays held in extraordinary (open-air) venues.

Particular highlights include:
2006 – "Passion Grinzens" (Grinzens Passion Play) – Open-Air Stage
2007 – "Tiroler Freiheit" (Tyrolean Freedom) – Open-Air Stage
2016 – "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare at the Broslerhof

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