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There is always something going on on the theater stages in and around Innsbruck. The independent theater scene in the city is extremely productive and surprises audiences time and time again with the high quality of its performances. In addition to the renowned Tyrol folk theaters, there are also numerous smaller folk theaters.
 > The "Tiroler Volksschauspiele" folk theatre festival

The "Tiroler Volksschauspiele" folk theatre festival

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Tiroler Volksschauspiele
Untermarktstraße 5 + 7, 6410  Telfs
+43 676 / 83 03 87 50

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Friday 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm

Founded in 1981, the Tiroler Volksschauspiele is still the leading summer theatre festival in Tyrol. In addition to the reinterpretation of folk theatre classics, they also regularly provide a stage for exciting texts by contemporary and young authors. In addition, the festival has sought a critical examination of the major and defining issues of the day since its inception. Another speciality and characteristic of the Tiroler Volksschauspiele are the changing venues, which are tracked down for the always top-class productions throughout the local area and newly conquered for the theatre. Actor and director Gregor Bloéb has been the artistic director of the festival since the 2022/2023 season.

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