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Burkter Chapel

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Oberperfuss is home to a multitude of chapels. Visitors can follow extremely peaceful and idyllic hiking trails through the village to the buildings, some of which have been beautifully renovated. The oldest of these buildings is Burkter Chapel, which is situated near the source of the Burkter stream in a forest to the east of Oberperfuss, on the former “Kirchsteig”, a steep track leading to the village of Axams.

The chapel was built by the “Johannesbruderschaft” religious society in honour of Saint John of Nepomuk, the patron saint of streams and springs. The statue of the saint dates back to the 18th century and was restored in 1850 and 1852. Burkter Chapel is also a place of pilgrimage that is visited by residents on one of the rogation days in May.

Starting point: Oberperfuss tennis court, am Bürgel – a short walk through the forest that starts and ends at the tennis court. 

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