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Whether it's a pretty baroque church, a venerable monastery or an imposing cathedral - the Innsbruck region has a large selection of sacred buildings worth seeing. But even if you are just looking for a small chapel to pause for a moment, you will find what you are looking for in the list below.
 > Chapel of the Annunciation

Chapel of the Annunciation

Krehbachgasse 10, 6410  Telfs

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This modern elliptical chapel was built and consecrated in 2010. The interior features a triptych altar with a painting of the Annunciation of Our Lady. The building’s glass windows in Nazarene style are heirlooms from an old chapel that was torn down and now give this modern building its special antique charm. The chapel’s modern Way of the Cross was created by Mag. Urban Sterzinger from the town of Telfs. A contemporary sculpture of the Angel Gabriel created by the Telfs-based metal sculptor Bernhard Witsch can be found in front of the chapel entrance. 

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