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Themed tours

Go on a discovery tour through Innsbruck on various special tours. Follow the guided city tours in historical costumes to places and locations steeped in history. Learn interesting, curious and entertaining facts from the centuries.


Innsbruck Tirol Guide
Herr Mag. Jabinger
Klammstraße 61, 6020  Innsbruck

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Georg Trakl lived in Innsbruck and is buried here. Goethe stopped off in Innsbruck on his travels in Italy. Heinrich Heine and other poets visited Innsbruck - what were their impressions? Embark on a literary walk through the city. To reach one of the stops on the tour, you will need to take a public bus (or a taxi if you wish).

Duration: approx. 2 1/2 hours
Dates and prices on request

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