26 June 2023
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New on the Hungerburg

Something is happening at Hungerburg. A new tenant has moved into the small gallery on the corner opposite the terminus of the J bus line. Mario Karner has opened his glassblowing gallery called Glaszeit has opened. Here, however, visitors are invited not only to marvel, but also to participate.

Born in Carinthia, Mario moved to Tyrol at an early age. At the age of 14, Mario attended the HTL in Kramsach. The school is known worldwide as a Central European center of excellence in the field of glass processing and design. After that, he first specialized in technical laboratory equipment, went to Switzerland, studied architecture in Innsbruck for one and a half years, and then moved to Switzerland again. He built up a glass factory for the company BÜCHI for four years and then set up his own business in 2012. His passion is the artistic handling of glass, his experience and knowledge are diverse.

When the small corner location became available, Mario Karner did not think twice and made the project his. His studio now features unique utility glass, one-of-a-kind pieces and art. Students can work at the work stations, and exhibitions are to compliment the whole thing.

A very special highlight when visiting him in the studio is his „Coffee to blow“.

Coffee to blow: Hot stuff to go!

Mario likes to tell and explain, you notice that immediately. He also likes to offer insights into the art of glassblowing. Those who opt for a coffee to blow get to participate themselves.

Mario throws on the flame and off he goes. He skilfully turns the glass rod, which is largely made of borosilicate, in the fire and forms the basic shape of the glass. Then everything happens very quickly, and as a customer you are allowed to blow hard into the tube yourself once before Mario produces the glass with a few hand movements over the flame. In the end, each glass will be unique!

Thanks to the particularly strong composition of the raw material, the glass, which you can now take home filled with good coffee, can also be washed in the dishwasher at home. It is surprisingly strong and, even if it seems delicate at first glance, very robust.

Mario wouldn't call himself a coffee nerd, by the way, but coffee has to be good for him. So the beans for his coffee also come quite locally from Innsbruck from the Brennpunkt in the arches.

All in all, it's a great experience that yields a nice souvenir for yourself or others! And of course a fortifying coffee!

Courses & Exhibitions

During the week, you can look over Mario's shoulder as he works in the studio - as long as he's not on the road as an MTB guide, which is Mario's second mainstay. So if you want, you can not only learn glass blowing with him, but also book a riding technique course or a guided tour on the Nordkette - departure: directly in front of the studio. Information about courses and tours is available directly from him.

Possible courses: bead turning, ice ball blowing, vases, glasses and workshops according to your individual wishes!

Tip: At this point also an announcement: On August 25, the next exhibition starts with the title sichtbar 2.0.

Contact & more info

Glaszeit Galerie
Mario Karner
Höhenstraße 143, 6020 Innsbruck

Phone: +43 660 6361396

Opening hours:
Mon. & Tues.: 10am-6pm
Wed.: 10am-1pm
Thurs.: closed
Fri. & Sat.: 10-17 h
Sun.: closed!

Cost for the Coffee-to-blow-Experience: 20 €

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