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31 August 2023
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The summer of events in Innsbruck is drawing to a close. But don't worry, it remains exciting and also in autumn the alpine metropolis offers some delicacies. A special highlight are the pop-up events organized by the FH Kufstein Tirol in cooperation with Innsbruck Tourism. For those who only think of popcorn when they hear the term, here's a brief explanation of what it's all about: pop-up events are events that appear virtually out of nowhere - in other words, they "pop up". They require neither an elaborate stage nor extensive technology, but offer maximum effect.

Pop-up in a new guise

Some vacationers and especially the residents of Innsbruck probably still remember the pop-up concerts of the Alte Musik Innsbruck. These were also organized by the FH Kufstein Tirol and enjoyed great popularity. This year the students - again in cooperation with Innsbruck Tourism - have come up with something new. In addition to concerts and sporting and cultural events, the audience can also expect an extremely cool surprise.

From brainstorm to stellar hour: the genesis of a pop-up event

But let's start from the beginning. Although it's called a "pop-up event," such an event doesn't come out of nowhere - thorough preparation is essential. Katharina Vogt, a student in the master's program Sports, Culture & Event Management at the FH Kufstein Tirol, gives us a look behind the scenes. "Planning began back in March," she reports. "We started with a classic brainstorming session. Over a period of two to three hours, we simply collected ideas and thought about what would be the craziest ideas. That served as our starting point. We created a concept and contacted artists."

International cooperation

The 2,200 students at FH Kufstein Tirol come from all over the world; most of them, like Katharina Vogt, are from Germany. Her fellow students, who are also working on the "Pop-up Events" project, are from Italy and Spain. So it wasn't always possible to gather everyone in the same room at the same time - at least not physically. "We arranged to meet digitally very often, and that worked really well," Katharina reports.

Innsbruck: where urban meets alpine

Since the last pop-up concerts had also been organized by students of the FH Kufstein Tirol, Katharina Vogt and her team could at least fall back on some contacts. "As far as the venue was concerned, we already had a few contacts ready, which of course made our work easier in this area," says Katharina. Otherwise, as already mentioned, everything is different this year. The pop-up events have the motto: Urban and Alpine. "We wanted to present Innsbruck as it is known," says Katharina. "Our goal is to show Innsbruck in all its facets." An extremely nice idea, in my opinion, because that is what distinguishes our provincial capital: the combination of mountains, art, culture and nature. Innsbruck is extremely diverse and has an incredible amount to offer, and this diversity is also reflected in the pop-up events.

The pop-up formula

If you had to describe the project in three words, they would be: community, creativity and responsibility. Community, because the concerts are meant to appeal to tourists and locals alike - everyone is welcome! Creativity, because the students were given free rein. "We were able to really let off steam and be creative. Of course we consulted with the client, Innsbruck Tourism, but on the whole we were free to create. That was great fun," says Katharina. And last but not least, responsibility. "We represent our provincial capital and Innsbruck Tourism. You can feel a certain responsibility there," says Katharina.

Always top informed

Very informative is the Instagram-Channel that Katharina and her team run and which I highly recommend to you. Here you will be kept up to date about the events. Should it rain, the students have of course thought of a weather-proof alternative. All but one event can take place even if it rains. Good planning is half the battle!

Curtain up: It's starting!

We don't want to reveal too much about the upcoming pop-up events, but we can already give you a small preview: On September 8, pure entertainment is on the agenda. The talented Clown Pompo will take the stage at Sparkassenplatz and enchants both young and older visitors with his unique art.

And there's plenty else to see as well:

  • September 15 promises a touch of jazz and style in front of Café Munding when Antonella Placheta and her band Fritto Misto perform. Their melodic sounds will transport the audience into a world of rhythm and passion.
  • Thrills will be provided by a breathtaking climbing show on a six-meter-high tower, right in the heart of the city. The curious are cordially invited to visit Sparkassenplatz on September 22 and experience the excitement up close.
  • On October 6, an extraordinary afternoon of music will be presented in front of Café Munding when Ultramarinblau enters the stage. The sounds of this artist promise an unforgettable experience full of coolness and energy.
  • October 13 again holds musical joy, but this time with a completely different flair. The Stubaier Alphornbläser bring a touch of tradition and customs to Maria-Theresien-Strasse and set a festive finale for the Pop-up Events 2023.
  • The prelude remains deliberately hidden, a surprise waiting to be discovered. One thing is certain, however: it will undoubtedly thrill you.

Behind the scenes with Clown Pompo: laughter, amazement and pop-up magic

I had the great pleasure of chatting with one of the performers. I was curious about what it's like for the performers to perform at a pop-up event. How are the preparations going? Is there anything special to keep in mind? Stefan Damm, or rather Clown Pompo, is pretty relaxed about it - a true professional, after all. "No matter on which stage I perform, my goal always remains the same: to make my audience laugh and be amazed."

From baker to clown

The trained baker was born in Dornbirn in 1972 and over the years has built up an impressive reputation as a theater educator, clown, juggler and fire artist. His artistic journey began in 2004, when he decided to work on a self-employed basis, generating enthusiasm throughout Europe with his clown program and rousing fire show. But anyone who thinks that one simply becomes a clown is mistaken. Stefan Damm's career is characterized by versatile training. Among other things, he attended the Tamala clown school in Constance as well as schools in Brixen, London and Florence.

Between structure and spontaneity

In his performances, Clown Pompo relies on a unique dynamic. Whether on a traditional stage or in unconventional settings, he always gives his best. Humanity and togetherness are at the forefront. He brings the circus arts to wherever he performs, creating a special connection with the audience. He relies on a certain structure in his performances, but it can be broken at any moment to capture the moment and engage the audience. This adaptability allows him to reflect his audience in a unique way. Even the smallest interaction, whether it's a soft throat clearing or a random noise, can be integrated into his performance. "Maybe a glass falls over, someone turns away - something always happens," says Stefan Damm, "and even if 'nothing' happens, I let just that flow into my performance."

Stefan becomes Pompo

The upcoming pop-up events in Innsbruck are the ideal opportunity to experience the fascination of Clown Pompo's art up close. Don't miss it when he makes his audience laugh and marvel on September 8 at Sparkassenplatz (in case of bad weather in the City Hall Galleries)!

With this in mind, I wish us all a beautiful autumn, and I hope to see you at one or the other pop-up event!

Cover image: © Stefan Damm

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