Epic E-Gaming

Innsbruck is diverse, inclusive and sporty, it always has been. A playground for anything you could possibly want to do and now that includes e-gaming! For the last decade or so, e-gaming has been gaining in popularity. With platforms like Twitch allowing people to live stream their gaming, digital athletes are on the rise! I’m old enough that I remember a time before the internet. My version of Twitch was watching my brother play Nintendo, because he would not let me play. I’m amazed how far we have come, being able to interact with gamers all over the world. But, you aren’t just watching the game, you’re watching the streamer as well, connecting! 

Join in Win Big

Red Bull is hosting three qualifying events around Austria called “For the Win” and on June 24th the event kicks off in Innsbruck. The event is an open qualifier giving everyone the chance to advance. Recreational gamers compete and take on professionals in the final for a chance to win 4,500 Euros in prize money. They couldn’t have picked a better venue, at an altitude of 1965m at the mountain station of Patscherkofel this event is truly one of a kind! Insane views and epic gaming. The event will include the games Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Rocket League. Oh, and did I mention registration is free? Register for the qualifiers here.

Innsbrucks Own Veyla

Innsbruck is home to one such rising star and professional e-gaming athlete, Veyla. Putting Innsbruck on the map in the world of gaming. She now has over 65,000 followers on Twitch. She only started streaming a few years ago, but now has an enormous fan base regularly tuning in. She started with Black Ops 4, then Blackout, then Modern Warfare, and more. Now partnered with Red Bull, the e-gaming world is at her feet. Veyla as well as fellow streamer and caster Veni Eisler will act as mentors and scouts for the e-athletes throughout the qualifying tour.

Time to Shine

Red Bull has really pulled it off again, always innovating and bringing people together for a once in a lifetime experience. Talented players will be able to immerse themselves in the world of professional e-athletes. This event will try to level the playing field to give amateurs an opportunity limiting play to 3vs3 rather than more like other events. To get to the final participants will have to win in one of the three games played in a 1vs1 qualifying tournament in June and July. Then it is on to the big stage to compete in teams against professional e-athletes. A total of nine people will compete in teams of three in the final. 

What are you waiting for

 Red Bull For The Win kicks off in Innsbruck on the 24th of June, then a week later hits Salzburg and continues on to Vienna where the finals will also take place. Registration is free and open from now until July 7th, minimum age is 16 years old. More information and tickets for the finals at www.redbull.com/FTW



Cover Photo : ©Red Bull

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