Wow, what a show! Richard Judge performing live up on the Nordkette mountain range in Innsbruck… it was epic! Of course, he performed his hit single “Show Me Love” as well as a good mix of older and brand new songs. Ask anyone there, they will confirm: an absolutely unforgettable night.


The live show up on 2000 metres above sea level was originally going to happen in August, but the weather postponed it. We had a lot of luck on our side on Friday 24th September 2021, as we had clear skies and no wind. Perfect for some spectacular drone shots! 

This show was an idea that came out of a meeting Innsbruck Tourism and I had back in March / April of this year. After a gradual build-up and a delayed date, I’m over the moon that everything worked out great!

The teams at Innsbruck Tourism, Nordkette, Audio Werk and my crew did an absolutely fantastic job. Richard had a great time and performed an outstanding show. The audience had a blast, it couldn’t have gone better!

Richard Judge played a mix of new tracks, including some of his own, where he sang live whilst getting the next track ready to mix in, fantastic! Also on his set list were some remixes of classic dance tunes that made me reminsce about dancing at sunset in Ibiza back in the day. Finishing his set, he played and sang Show Me Love live. What a great performance , the audience absolutely loved it!


The gig was very exclusive: no tickets were available to buy, only those who won tickets could attend and numbers were very limited. That, together with a truly unique location on Nordkette and a brilliant Richard Judge made the night one to remember.

Being up at nearly 2000 metres above sea level with the city below, mountains surrounding you and an epic sun set glowing the mountains and valleys to the south just never gets old. I’ve been in Innsbruck for nearly ten years and I could watch this view again and again and again.

Music events up on Nordkette are very special and to get back to some form of ‘normality’ was overwhelming, especially for everyone whose jobs are involved in the performance and events industry.

With many around the world struggling through these tough times, this event brings love and happiness, not only to those who attended, but to everyone who can watch it online. You can see the emotional moments in Richard’s face during his set.




Adding to the love atmosphere, there was even a proposal. Max, one of the lucky winners of tickets to the show, took the opportunity to pop the question. On stage!

Richard knew what Max was about to do and said he would call them up on stage. So up they went and the crowd witnessed Max going down on one knee in front of his girlfriend Julika.

What a way to propose! Congratulations Julika and Max!


As part of the promo, my team in London followed Richard though the streets as he made his way up the tallest building – The Shard!

The concept was: from the top of his home town of London to the top of Innsbruck, the love of good times with friends and family will be sent across the globe.


Richard has been visiting and performing in Innsbruck for many years. Originally, his first set was at the legendary Weekender, a club, which unfortunately closed down a few years back. That was when his love for the city began. He has some good friends in the city, so he always has an excuse to return.

In his interview, Richard says that when he arrives in Innsbruck it is like “a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders” and that it is a very special place. Being surrounded by mountains and wildlife is something different to his home city of London.

We filmed at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds first. Like myself, Richard got a lot of inspiration whilst we were there being surrounded by creativity and new experiences.


The alpine-urban mix in Innsbruck is very unique, I do not think there is anywhere else in the world like this.

I can’t wait for the next exclusive event like this to happen in one Innsbruck’s unique locations, something is definitely brewing, but of course I cannot tell anyone yet.


All photos © Ashley Wiggins unless otherwise stated.

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