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A New Side of Innsbruck

Ski slopes and jumps, snow parks, bobsledding tracks, hiking trails, climbing routes and gyms are some of the activities that draw people to Innsbruck. I’ve explored all of those and witnessed world-class competitions at many of the venues, and until recently, that was the only side of Innsbruck I was familiar with.

I’ve heard of Innsbruck also being a top destination for a wellness retreat, but I’ve never looked into it. Irina and I recently had the pleasure of visiting a couple of wellness resorts at Sonnenplateau Mieming, one of the Holiday Villages surrounding Innsbruck. After our experience at Alpenresort Schwarz and Bio Wellness Hotel Holzleiten, I’m looking for the next opportunity to go back. Only 30 minutes from Innsbruck, this is a destination even locals can consider for a short getaway.

Wellness Retreat at Sonnenplateau Mieiming

Lounging by the pool

Wellness Retreat

Wellness tourism is a great option for anyone wishing to disconnect while being able to enjoy activities that promote health and well-being. This is a side of Innsbruck’s tourism that is more accommodating to the list of injuries I’ve tacked on over the past couple of years. Discovering this new side of Innsbruck was great for my body, but also brought an unexpected dose of romance to my relationship. Who would have thought that pampering ourselves would serve as a better bonding experience than me trying to catch up to her on the slopes?


Wellness retreat in Innsbruck

Relaxing in the pool

Alpenresrort Schwarz

Alpenresort Schwarz combines modern luxury and traditional architecture to provide an unforgettable wellness retreat for couples and families alike. The resort includes nine indoor and outdoor pools, some specifically designed for kids. As is the case with any activity in Innsbruck, the view of the Alps imposed itself as the backdrop. We had a hard time trying to visit all of the pools during our visit. We even went down the tube slide that may or may not be only for kids.

Innsbruck Wellness Vacation

Indoor Pool at Alpenresort Schwarz

After playing in the pools for hours, we headed to the ‘Sauna Village’. Their Sauna Village spans over three floors and includes multiple sauna, steam, massage, yoga and relaxation rooms. Our favorite was the Tyrolean Sauna Hut over the natural pond, which was cute and perfect for a couple.

Welnness Hotel in Sonnenplateau Mieming

Traditional Tyrolean Sauna Hut at Alpenresort Schwarz

Despite the resort being near capacity, we never felt like there were many people around us. The only time we saw more than a few guests at a time was in the dining area during lunch time. Eight themed dining areas are available, with breakfast and lunch served buffet style. The buffet and menu options were impressive, even for vegetarians and vegans.

Holzleiten Bio Wellness Hotel

Holzleiten Bio Wellness Hotel is a boutique wellness hotel with an outstanding organic menu and focus on sustainability. Although smaller than the Alpenesort Schwarz, it offers everything you could ever need during a wellness retreat, with modern and varied facilities to enjoy.

Sitting in the Panorama Sauna was the most relaxing experience of the day – we had the entire room to ourselves after an Aufguss session. We spent the entire day sunbathing on terraces and fields, dipping in infinity pools, jacuzzis, sweating in saunas and steam rooms.

Panoramasauna Holzleiten Bio Wellness Hotel innsbruck

Panoramasauna Holzleiten Bio Wellness Hotel                                                                                                                                           ©Holzleiten Bio Wellness Hotel

These wellness resorts also place high emphasis on the quality of their food, mostly organic and locally sourced. The dinner at Holzleiten’s restaurant was one of the best meals I’ve had recently.

Wellness organic innsbryck

Organic menu at Holzleiten Bio Wellness Hotel                                                                                                        ©Holzleiten Bio Wellness Hotel


Wellness innsbruck

Various banana desserts made from banana                                                                                                    ©Holzleiten Bio Wellness Hotel

The facilities at Holzleiten Bio Wellness Hotel offered various sauna, relaxation, steam rooms, pools and garden areas.


Holzleiten Bio Wellness Hotel Innsbruck

Pool at Holzleiten Bio Wellness Hotel

I’m grateful for the opportunity to experience this side of Innsbruck. The greatest part of this experience was being able to spend quality time with Irina; talking, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company in peaceful surroundings.



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