06 February 2015
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“Es keat oanfach viel mehr gschmust ” – a saying that has conquered the German-speaking world in recent years. It appears on T-shirts, on Mc Donald’s advertisements and even in Armin Wolf ‘s news reports.

When searching for the origin of the saying, one inevitably comes across Laurin Strele-Pupp of the Nowhere Store in Innsbruck, where the T-shirt and now sweaters and bags have been distributed since 2012. But, what about the inventor now? Laurin explains it like this: “You can’t invent this saying at all, because every person carries it inside as a secret wish. Cuddling is a thing that simply belongs to life. Like eating or being angry about the weather. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not lie. Thou shalt love thy parents. Thou shalt cuddle more. That’s just the way it is.”

In Innsbruck, of course, it is especially good and beautiful to cuddle. Here!

Der Klassiker (auch für Mädchen) und eine neue Variante.

The classic (also for girls) and a new variant.

In the Hofgarten
A clear favourite of the locals in the small spontaneous survey among the author’s friends is the Hofgarten, not far from the city centre. In the romantic garden, whose lawn has finally been open to the public since last year, you can not only have a nice picnic, but also a cuddle. Laurin adds: “There’s a cool tree whose branches hang down to the ground and protect you from unwanted glances


Hofgarten in winter. Photo: Innsbruck Tourism

On the Béthouart footbridge over the Inn
First settlement of the love locks flood in Innsbruck. In the meantime, however, forbidden due to the weight of the many locks. Permitted is the attachment of a footbridge further down on the covered Hans Psenner bridge. But it doesn’t always have to be a lock to hold on to your love, holding hands while walking across the bridge can also be very beautiful!

Der Béthouart-Steg zwischen Sankt Nikolaus und der Altstadt.

The Béthouart Bridge between St. Nicholas and the Old Town.

Love's everywhere…

Love’s everywhere..

“I just want to cuddle.”

Monica Reyes.
Under the Whispering Arch
At 12 Hofgasse in Old Town, the entrance to a souvenir shop is hidden behind the old facade. In this very arch lie two curved gutters through which you can send secret messages of love – from one end to the other. If you choose your words wisely, you’re guaranteed to find yourself kissing in front of it a little later. Tried, tested and proven.

Tagsüber gut getarnt - der Flüsterbogen.

Well camouflaged during the day – the whisper arch.

On the Hungerburg

According to the operator of the Nowhere Store, another highlight is the Hungerburg Station with its evening view over the glowing Innsbruck: “It takes really bad breath and misfortune to be denied a kiss here

Weihnachtsmarkt auf der Hungerburg. Foto Innsbruck Tourismus.

Christmas market on the Hungerburg. Photo Innsbruck Tourism.

In front of the Triumphal Gate
If you look carefully, you will notice that the faces in the marble relief on the south side are very happy and those on the north side are very sad. The reason for this is the joyous occasion for which Empress Maria Theresa had travelled to Innsbruck in 1774: the wedding of her son Leopold to the Spanish princess Maria Ludovica. The wedding was overshadowed by the death of her husband, Emperor Franz I, who died during the celebrations. Therefore, a nice place to remember that life is sometimes shorter than expected and a good reason to double your heart for your love or loved one.

Die Triumphpforte. Foto Innsbruck Tourismus.

The Triumphal Gate. Photo Innsbruck Tourism.

In front of the Kissingwall at Club Aftershave
Last but not least, an insider tip from Laurin: “We recently set up a so-called “KISSINGWALL” at Aftershave. You stand in front of it, cuddle, take a selfie of it, upload it to Instagram or Facebook and you can win great stuff every month. Cool? But hello!”

Nighttime at Birigitzköpfel

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city on the mountain. Mostly only snowshoe hikers, tobogganers and ski tourers come here. On a starry night, you have an incredible view of Innsbruck and the mountains all around. But watch out! Among millions of stars, the romance factor is enormously high!

romantik im anflug

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How about a romantic wellness weekend in Innsbruck?

All Innsbruck photos unless otherwise stated: Lea Hajner.

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