22 April 2022
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On my exploratory tours through Innsbruck's old town, I always marvel at the unique features in the old alleys. If you look closely, you will find many exciting details. Figures, carvings, ornate old signs - treasures are waiting everywhere. I like to photograph these monuments from bygone times with my camera or spontaneously with my smartphone

The rod with the fish

At the corner of Schlossergasse and Kiebachgasse on Mundingplatz, you will immediately notice a large painting on the wall of the house. You can't miss the fish caught on a fishing rod hanging from the edge of the house.

Artful old signs

The corner Kiebachgasse/Seilergasse impresses with beautiful unique pieces from a bygone era, which are absolutely worth seeing. The golden lion from 1754, the golden stag from 1631, as well as the white horse carriage from 1590 are special eye-catchers.

The knight with the rose

At the southern entrance to Innsbruck's Old Town, at the intersection of Stiftgasse/Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse, a knight with a rose in his hand adorns the corner of the house. Look up, the gentleman is hiding at the level of the second floor. But you should also look at the ornately forged sign with the Golden Rose. It indicates an old inn where guests were once entertained here. The beautiful, somewhat older entrance door in the picture can be found around the corner in Stiftgasse.

Countless treasures await

It's worth taking a closer look during a walk through Innsbruck. Pay attention to the details next time! You will see, there is an incredible amount to discover. I've only photographed a few of them, but you're sure to find much more. A tip for example: If you walk through the arcades of Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse, look up. Here there are partly artistic paintings and decorations. If you take a closer look at Innsbruck's landmark, the Golden Roof, you'll even see a naked butt. And these are just a few ideas for your exploration. Have fun exploring Innsbruck's worth seeing details on a sightseeing tour of a different kind!

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