24 December 2021
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Snow-covered forests, glistening snow, well-prepared slopes, refreshments, tobogganing fun, mountain hut fun - that's what most people think of when they think of a winter vacation in the mountains. Innsbruck goes one better: add sightseeing, art and culture and voilá, you have the unique mix of city trip and ski vacation. On the slopes in the morning, tobogganing or winter hiking, in the afternoon to the museum: where else can you find that?

Boundless possibilities with the Welcome Card plus

With one card unlimited winter fun, that's what visitors to Innsbruck get with the free Welcome Card. From just two nights, you can take advantage of a guided activity program. Professional guides accompany you on your skiing and hiking tours. The use of public transport and ski buses is free with the Welcome Card. And because that's not enough, on top of that there are numerous discounts for other winter sports activities, family attractions, pools. And a wonderful urban cultural offer.

If two nights in the Alpine metropolis are not enough for you - after all, there is a lot to experience - a special highlight awaits you: the Welcome Card plus. Here you get a mountain and valley trip with the Oberperfuss cable cars on top of all the great services.

From the hotel directly to the slopes

It couldn't be more practical: you get on the bus in Innsbruck, in Oberperfuss, there in the gondola and are already from the city directly on the slopes. All this completely free of charge with the Welcome Card plus. The Bergbahnen Oberperfuss Rangger Köpfl offer winter fun at its best: skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing or hiking and in between a stop in one of the three cozy ski huts- crowned by a breathtaking view over the Inn Valley.

Paradise on the doorstep

I grew up in Tyrol, actually spent my whole life here and yet I will never get tired of the beauty of the mountains. I admit that sounds cheesy, but that's actually how it is. Just recently on a tobogganing trip with my family, as we trudged through the snow-covered forest, with a brilliant blue sky, glistening snow and a dreamlike view of the Inn Valley, I realized it again: we live in a paradise. Then it bothered me only half as much that my children wanted to take a break every five minutes - oh what am I talking about, every two minutes - and it was not so easy to motivate them to go all the way to the hut.

Sport, fun and "eppas Guets" to eat

I am not particularly athletic, but I love to run and hike. There is nothing more relaxing for me, with nothing I can switch off so well and let my soul dangle. Unfortunately, I am the only one in my family who feels this way. I think my children (and unfortunately also my husband) get along quite well without hiking. But I can't and don't want to do without it, so sledding in the winter is our favorite sport. We have found a great compromise here for the whole family. I get my winter hike, my husband gets something to eat at the hut and the kids get their fun downhill. Perfect, right?

Kilometers of tobogganing fun

The great thing about the toboggan run on Rangger Köpfl is that you don't have to go if you don't want to. You can comfortably - and with the Welcome Card plus as already mentioned also free of charge - take the eight-seater gondola lift from the valley station to the station Stiglreith up to the top. From there, you can either take the toboggan straight down six kilometers into the valley, or you can get on the next Achter gondola lift and continue to Sulzstich, in which case you'll have eight kilometers of pure tobogganing fun.

Personally, however, I find that tobogganing without having moved even a little bit is not really fun. There I feel as if I had cheated. We therefore took the gondola to the Sulzstich and then continued to the Rosskogelhütte hiked. That was absolutely perfect. The climb is a dream, we trudged through an absolute winter wonderland. Even though my kids don't necessarily like to walk, we did eventually make it to the hut - though not in the posted 30 minutes, but in double the time, but hey, we just enjoyed the gorgeous winter landscape longer for it.

If you don't feel like tobogganing, skiing or snowboarding, you can go for a wonderful winter hike on Rangger Köpfl. You can find great routes here. Ski tourers should check out Hartmut 's post, more winter hikes around Innsbruck can be found here and here and if you need more tobogganing tips, check here. And be sure to check out Lea's post, here you'll find wonderful alternatives to skiing.


Bergbahnen Oberperfuss GmbH
Address: Peter-Anich-Weg 11, 6173 Oberperfuss
Tel: +43(0)5232.81505

How to get there:
Free ski bus for guests with the Welcome Card.
Bus line: 4165
Departure: Innsbruck Hbf
Arrival: Oberperfuss Rangger Köpfl Lift
Parking lot

Welcome Card
Information about the WelcomeCard
Where to get the Welcome Card: The free Welcome Card is available directly at participating hotels and accommodations in the Innsbruck region. A list of partner establishments can be found here. Everything you need to know about the Welcome Card can be found here.

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