30 May 2018
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The Sill Gorge, at the foot of the Bergisel, offers beautiful nature and that in the middle of the city. I have made the entertaining hike for you and brought you a few impressions.

How do I get to the Sill Gorge? The best way is by public transport! The tram line 1 goes to the Bergisel. From there, the starting point for our tour is the Bierstindl Inn. If you want to come by car, you can use the parking lot at the Bergisel, right next to the Tirol Panorama.

From the Bierstindl Inn, you take the somewhat steeper but short path up to the Bergisel. Directly past the Tirol Panorama, you walk across the car park to the starting point of the so-called panorama circuit on the Bergisel. Here you can decide whether you want to take the path through the Sill Gorge first or walk the Panorama Loop first.

Tirol Panorama mit Kaiserschützenmuseum

The starting point for the Sill Gorge and the Panorama Loop is the Tirol Panorama.

The Sill Gorge

I decided to take the path into the gorge. On the left you go under the highway bridge into the forest. A steeper, but good path, leads directly down to the beginning of the Sill Gorge. The roaring water is already very impressive here and makes the noise of the motorway above us disappear. Via a well-maintained path, we now head south into the gorge.

Eingang zur Sillschlucht

You enter the Sill Gorge via well-built footbridges.

The Sill has a lot of water at the moment, again and again you can see kayakers using the raging river. The meltwater makes for a beautiful river color.


A lot of meltwater is currently flowing down the Sill.

The trail takes about 15-20 minutes into the gorge and always crosses great subjects. I just let the photos do the talking.


The river banks invite you to linger

In der Sillschlucht

Small stream that flows into the Sill.


The beautiful path crosses this small stream.

Bach in der Sillschlucht

Pure nature in the Sill Gorge.

In der Sillschlucht

A small side stream of the Sill

The path leads to a bridge that crosses the river. Here you come to an extensive river bank where you can wonderfully relax. At this point the Sill also offers a small, somewhat deeper pool in high summer, where you can also take a short dip in the ice-cold water.

Bergiselschanze von der Sillschlucht aus

From the river bank you have a wonderful view of the Bergisel ski jump.

The Panorama Trail

After a short break, the trail continues steeply uphill through the forest on the other side of the Sill. Here the path joins the panorama path around the Bergisel.


The path from the Sill Gorge up to the Bergisel Panorama Trail

Through the beautiful mixed forest, which shows its most beautiful side especially in autumn, you pass a wooden sun deck construction. This offers plenty of space to lie in the sun and also affords wonderful views of the Wipptal valley.

Ruheplattform am Panoramaweg Bergisel

Amiga has already made himself comfortable on the bench

The highlight of the panorama trail is only a few minutes away: the viewing platform at the Drachenfelsen above the Sillschlucht. This can be accessed from two sides and offers a transparent floor. The view into the depths is breathtaking, but you should not suffer from vertigo.

Bergisel Aussichtsplattform

The viewing platform at Drachenfelsen

Bergisel Panoramaweg

The path leads through the forest back to the parking lot

The panorama path now leads downhill towards the parking lot. For the small and not really strenuous hike I would plan about 1 hour. If you want to sit on the river bank, of course longer.

Refreshment possibilities after the excursion

I recommend to go to the Bergiselschanze when returning to the parking lot. The views from there are breathtaking and unique while enjoying a drink or something to eat at the Bergisel Sky.

Blick vom Bergisel auf Innsbruck

View of Innsbruck from the platform of the Bergisel ski jump

Blick von der Schanze nach Innsbruck

Experience the view of a ski jumper? Possible at the Bergisel

We also recommend the Restaurant 1809 at the starting point of the hike in the Tirol Panorama or at the foot of the Bergisel the Kulturgasthaus Bierstindl to end this nice fine tour in the middle of the city.

For owners of the Innsbruck Card the entrance to the Tirol Panorama with the Kaiserjägermuseum and the trip to the jumping tower of the Bergiselschanze is included. Also the journey by IVB tram line 1 or with the Sightseer bus.

All photos © Danijel Jovanovic Photography

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