11 February 2021
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Much of the snow from January is already gone. Nevertheless, it still has plenty of base here in Obsteig. Today Michaela and I set out for the first time as a married couple. The ski tour on the Grünberg on the Mieminger Plateau is our goal.


The starting point of the ski tour is in Obsteig at the large parking lot of the former Grünberg lift. We are there around 11:30 and find a free gap, because the first winter sports enthusiasts have already finished their activity. If the parking lots are full, you can park your vehicle further down at the sports field. We start directly at the Kinderland Grünberg and walk along the stream towards the disused ski slope. The first slope is analogous to the ski tour on the Simmering: at the second crossing of the toboggan run, we do not follow the toboggan run, but turn left onto the ski slope. From then on we are almost alone. Because in addition to the tobogganers, numerous ski tourers are drawn towards the Simmeringalm.


Popular ski touring classics are the Sattelberg in Gries am Brenner or the Zirog in South Tyrol - in any weather and at almost any time of day. Here, the Grünberg fits in confidently. For there is the bustle of bygone days in the air, not knowing exactly where the lift supports were and how many chairs have gone up and down here over the years. And so today it is quiet and relaxing.


It's good when you move decelerated. So completely free of haste and stress that you are overtaken. Yes, sometimes I still have that in me: this not wanting to be overtaken. But on the Grünberg it is much gentler than on larger tours, also because this small mountain attracts comfort. And in truth, it's about perceiving nature as such and not being at the top in a fraction of a minute or a second - and immediately stopping the heart rate monitor at the summit and counting the calories burned.


Apart from the first glide in, the ski tour is relatively steep. Our skins adhere very well, but we still slip slightly a few times. But step by step we make good altitude meters. And the further up we go, the better the view becomes. In the truest sense of the word, a really casual highlight comes here at the Grünberg. So if you just want to be surprised, you should - spoiler alert - not read on now, but go straight to the basement - to the Auffellen.


We come over the last slope to the tree line, where it becomes clearer. And there stands an old hut, which turns out to be the lift house of days gone by. And behind it, on a small plateau, there is a tower. I think it's another good twenty meters, at least more stairs than up to the 10-seater tower in Innsbruck's Tivoli swimming pool. So we climb up the wooden construction and up there it is...MEGA! The last time I let my gaze wander like that was when I visited the Rundgemälde. More mountain in the intensity of the experience at 1,497 meters above sea level I do not know. Stubaier,- Ötztaler, Lechtaler Alps, and so on... this panoramic view is particularly beautiful. Thanks to signs - as an analog peak finder - the peaks and mountain ranges can be easily assigned. We are both highly impressed.


Charming tour in Mieming, which is possible in any weather. The highlight at the end is great.

The ski tour on the Grünberg necessarily include in their own portfolio. Especially if the soft spot for disused slopes is great.

Tour data:

  • Start: Obsteig at the Kinderland Grünberg
  • Altitude difference: 480 hm, with ascent of the observation tower around 500 hm
  • Duration: comfortable 75 min
  • Safety: hardly any avalanche danger, because ascent and descent on disused ski slope
  • Difficulty: easy, short ski tour with problem-free ascent, depending on weather and season take crampons, it can get slippery
  • Predicate: pleasant, comfortable and a really casual highlight at the end

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