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14 May 2022
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What started as a gem in trail running is now quite big and at the same time kick-off of the European trail running season. The Alpine Trailrun Festival.

At its seventh edition, 3,500 runners from 60 nations did the honors. Record.

Masters of Innsbruck

Ninety-eight kilometers. Four thousand four hundred meters of altitude. In the supreme discipline, Master of Innsbruck, the winning times were as incredible as they were outstanding: ten hours and 8 minutes for the men, 12 hours and 40 minutes for the women. Words fail me.

All results of the Alpine Trailrun Festival 2022 can be found here.

A festival for all

Whether beginner, ambitious hobby runner, top athlete, company or child: trail routes with eight different courses gave highlights to all individualists as well as team players.

Julia Zraunig was right in the middle of it all, and her professional commitment to Innsbruck Tourism turned her from spectator to starter. In the run-up to the event, I wanted to know more about how this came about..

Why trail running? What fascinates you about it?

I more or less stumbled into it. Running is actually not my favorite sport, I much prefer skiing, mountain biking or hiking. I started running during my time in Vienna because it was an alternative to do endurance sports in the fresh air. Innsbruck is a great place for running because you can quickly get from the city to the countryside. So I started running on forest trails and for professional reasons I also became more involved with trail running as such.

How did you decide to join Innsbruck Alpine?

I have known this event since I started working for Innsbruck Tourism. Back in 2017, it was still relatively manageable with the participants; there was a tent in front of the Landestheater and a pasta party. I was fascinated by the excitement of the runners at the start, but I was not yet aware of the distances and the number of meters in altitude. The last two years we participated in the K7 Businesstrail with the company, because it is fun to participate in such a team event with work colleagues. Last year, in the course of a sponsor meeting, it was decided that this year I would take part in the 15 kilometer race.

How did you prepare yourself?

I am a beginner and have started with the basics. That means buying running shoes that offer perfect grip in bad weather and on slippery surfaces. My running training consisted initially of distances of three to five kilometers and later also of altitude walking: two to three times a week and I then increased that continuously. So I have 150 kilometers in my legs in the last eight weeks. I refused to buy a training watch because I don't want this data pressure. For me, the enjoyment of being outdoors and reaching a goal is paramount. I want to get out of my comfort zone and I run the 15 kilometers and not the 110 kilometers, because that is a different league and absolute top sport.

Do you eat differently?

I have not changed my diet, everything has remained the same. But what is noticeable is that I am more hungry and have built up muscles. The definition of the body has not really changed, there are still these fat pads.

Has your well-being changed?

This urge to want to achieve something and the obligation to train outside make the head freer. You separate the daily work routine better. So I already feel much better overall. It's also nice to see spring awakening at the end of March. You notice how nature wakes up from the winter time, there was still a bit of snow, everything was gray, meanwhile everything is blooming, nature smells and the birds are chirping.

What is your favorite track or where did you train?

My route is from the city up towards Alpenzoo, then to the forest road out towards Mühlauer Klamm, steeply up at walking pace, and then at the height of Arzler Alm/Hungerburg in the forest over to Gramartboden: then to Höttinger Bild. From there, the route goes out along the forest paths towards Stangensteig and then via Kranebitten back to Innsbruck city center.

What are your expectations?

My expectations are simple: I want to make it, have a fine time, stay injury free, enjoy the experience in nature and achieve something together with other people....

... said, done. Julia has run a pretty good time and remains next to all other participants winner of a really great event.

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