12 September 2019
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The early bird catches the worm

A sunrise in the Tyrolean mountains is one of the most impressive experiences of all. For this you have to get up early and will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience. For sunrise tours I recommend to choose a mountain that is well signposted. An exact route planning including time management is absolutely necessary. Allow a little more time than originally necessary. And remember that it is very cold on the mountain in the early morning hours. Warm clothing such as gloves, hat and warm drinks are the order of the day! And of course a headlamp, preferably with a spare battery or accumulator. I always check the current weather forecast the night before to be on the safe side, then there are no nasty surprises.

Here are my recommendations for sunrise hikes in the Innsbruck area. They all start in the Axamer Lizum, but are also possible from the Muttereralm.

Sunrise on the Pfriemeswand

A beautiful sunrise hike with a walking time of about 1.5 hours. Your tour starts at the valley station of the Axamer Lixum. While everyone else is still sleeping, you hike along the hiking trail to the Birgitzköpflhaus. From there you go a little left along the signposting in the direction of the summit. At the top you will be rewarded by a fabulous view over Innsbruck. A magnificent natural spectacle that will become an unforgettable vacation experience.

A beautiful sunrise on the Pfriemeswand.

The Nockspitze, the classic

A somewhat more demanding sunrise tour with a walking time of about two and a half hours. From the valley station of Axamer Lizum you start along the signposting in the direction of Birgitzköpflhaus. Then follow the turnoff in the direction of the Nockspitze. At the top you can enjoy a unique panorama. The alpine view down to Innsbruck will remain in your memory forever.

A unique sunrise on the Nockspitze.

The Spitzmandl

The Spitzmandl is located east of Pfriemeswand and Nockspitze. Conditionally it is roughly measurable with the Nockspitze. You start again at the valley station of the Axamer Lixum and follow the signposted path in the direction of Birgitzköpflhaus. From here you continue along the signs to the Spitzmandl. At the top, the sunrise welcomes you like a spectacular natural spectacle with a view of Innsbruck. Take your time to enjoy it. After the sunrise, I would recommend the circular trail over the Nockspitze to the Bitgitzköpflhaus.

A magnificent sunrise on the Spitzmandl.

I recommend you to finish the sunrise tour with a great breakfast at Birgitzköpflhaus. In this case, the day before for sign up for breakfast. (Monday is a day of rest). If your belly is too full to hike afterwards, you can float down the valley with the chairlift from 9:00 and enjoy the view from a different perspective.

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