30 January 2021
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Sometimes I grumble about winter, it's cold and dark, gray and boring. But then there are days when I can hardly grasp its beauty. Cold? Yes! But gray and boring? Never! Everything seems so peaceful and calm when it's covered in snow. And as they say, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. The cold can't hurt you if you're just wrapped up thick enough. I don't want to give up my favorite hobby - hiking or walking - even in winter. I came across a family-friendly - since very short - winter hike quite by chance, and of course I don't want to withhold it from you. I hope you like it as much as we do:


Actually, we had planned a tobogganing trip. We parked our car in Wildermieming, this is where our hike to the Strassberghaus was supposed to start, but before it even really started, we were stopped again: "Sorry guys, we have to close the trail. Too much snow, the trees could fall at any time."

At first I was a bit crestfallen, because I was looking forward to a hike through the fairytale winter forest and a subsequent toboggan ride in this dream weather. But well, we are flexible and so we have quite quickly rescheduled. In passing, I noticed the magenta sign "Mountain Doctor Trail" noticed. The hiking trails on the Mieminger Plateau are in principle super marked, on special winter hiking trails point magenta-colored signs.


Vaguely I remember the series "The Mountain Doctor". For the most part it was filmed here in Wildermieming in the 90s. The "Bergdoktorhaus" served as a backdrop for years. I associate the series with my grandma, with whom I loved to watch it. Nostalgia rose in me, the sun was shining, the snow was glistening and my boys were romping in the snow - a walk couldn't be more beautiful.

Well, at some point the mood tilted. One of the two got tired, they threw snow at each other, one cried, the second cried, one didn't want to go, the second didn't want to go. But what the heck, every now and then that's just the way it is with kids. We had the toboggans with us and a strong dad. So he grabbed both boys and pulled them back to the parking lot on the fastest way, while my mother and I could enjoy the rest of the walk through the snowy Wildermieming in peace.

Although I was born and raised in Tyrol, I'm always amazed at how beautiful it is with us, yes really almost kitschy. On such days I forget that winter can be gray and dark. Everything is just beautiful and the worries of everyday life are far away for a short moment.


Actually, the "Bergdoktorweg" starts at the parking lot of the parish hall in Wildermieming, opposite the listed parish church of St. Nikolaus. However, we have parked at the Sledding hill parking lot in Wildermieming.

So it was no problem at all that my husband and the kids cut the walk short. I can reassure everyone who thought my poor men had to wait in the cold car until mommy finally finished her walk. Far from it! The boys had a blast at the toboggan hill. I would recommend families in principle to start the hike here and not at the official starting point of the "Bergdoktorweg" (by the way, you can find the exact directions here). "Only" walking can be boring for some children under certain circumstances. At least for mine, who are happy when there's a bit more action.

Here you can find our slightly modified version of the Bergdoktorweg:

Those who know me, know that I always love the Mieminger Plateau - in every season. To Strassberghaus we are guaranteed to hike, but the "Bergdoktorweg" was a very good alternative.
In this sense: Enjoy the winter, it goes by faster than you think and maybe / hopefully something like normality will finally return.


Start: parking lot Gemeindeamt, Wildermieming
End: parking lot Gemeindeamt, Wildermieming
Route length: 2.1 km
Difficulty: easy
Route description: here
Arrival by public transport: Bus line 4176 from Innsbruck main station - Wildermieming Affenhausen

Winter hiking trails:
Winter hiking trails are specially created and marked trails that provide a safe hiking experience in snowy conditions. Winter hiking trails are well signposted with magenta-colored signs throughout the winter, only moderately steep, not exposed and groomed. More information can be found here.

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Photos © Elisabeth de Koekkoek

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