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Long-distance cycle routes

Several days on the bike bring the ultimate feeling of freedom, which a short tour can only imagine. This gives very special insights into the country and its people. Those who want to get to know Tyrol are well advised to take a bike tour lasting several days. Medieval towns and open nature pass by the cyclists.

Long-distance cycle route Munich to Venice

12950 M 12.950 M
560 KM 560 KM
medium medium
Cycle from the Alps to the sea A multi-day tour through three countries (Germany, Austria and Italy) with many natural attractions, cultural highlights, traditional towns, historical sights, Tyrolean dishes, alpine lakes, imperial palaces and impressive castles along the way. Bus and train connections are available. The route covers 560 kilometres from start to finish and traverses many different worlds along the way. Specifically, the five different experience worlds covered on the individual stages. The Bavarian part of the route features idyllic waterways and lakes, the treasures of Tyrol enchant bikers during the second stage and in South Tyrol, a charming combination of alpine and Mediterranean lifestyle awaits. Riders then pass the impressive Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site, before reaching the final stage across the Venetian Plain, past grand villas, small Italian towns and historic locations. A tempting diversion: taking a dip in the sea in Jesolo before venturing into the hustle and bustle of the lagoon city of Venice. Stage 2: The treasures of Tyrol The route leads from the sparkling green waters of Lake Achensee, through the Inn Valley to the city of Innsbruck. There are plenty of places to visit along the way, for example the famous Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens. This sparkling attraction features a shimmering crystal forest, as well as many other carefully designed and impressively staged crystal creations. If rhinestones are not your scene, you can simply continue the ride past the old silver-mining town of Schwaz and the idyllic town of Hall to Innsbruck. If you have the time, the Capital of the Alps is perfect for a quick stopover. Delicious traditional meals such as the "Tiroler Gröstl" potato dish or "Kaspressknödel" cheese dumplings feature on the many restaurant menus and you can take a trip up to 2,000 metres above sea level on the Nordkettenbahnen lifts and cable cars to enjoy breathtaking alpine views. For culture lovers, the city has scores of museums to visit, guided city tours to enjoy and sights to admire. Click here to view the PDF brochure

The Inn Cycle Path

390 M 390 M
97 KM 97 KM
easy easy
The Inn Cycle Path – following the river downstream through Innsbruck The Inn Cycle Path offers 520 kilometres of pure biking fun. It follows the river from its source in the Engadine in Switzerland until it meets the Danube in the German town of Passau. The biking paradise of Innsbruck lies in the middle of the route. Bikers can enjoy impressive landscapes, amazing panoramic mountain views and idyllic riverside trails. Innsbruck also offers history, sightseeing and delicious cuisine. The Golden Roof, numerous museums and modern architecture make it a great place for a stop along the way. Our page on food and drink shows the best guesthouses, restaurants and bars in Innsbruck. Perfect for replenishing energy levels after a hard day on your bike.   The section from Silz to Innsbruck Anyone who starts in Switzerland will pass through the Inn Valley region on the section between Silz (start in Landeck) and Innsbruck. The route passes Telfs and Zirl and then continues on past the Martinswand climbing paradise to Innsbruck. The route runs along the shore of the River Inn at a slight but constant decline without any ascents. ATTENTION massive asphalt damage in the Mötz (Birgele) section!   The section from Innsbruck to Strass From Innsbruck, the Inn Cycle Path continues down the River Inn, past the village of Rum, on to the town of Hall in Tirol and then further along the river past Kufstein. More information about the route and the various stages can be found on the official Inn Cycle Path website.
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