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Up the mountains by bike: What used to be reserved for mountain bikers with legs of steel is now within reach for everyone. E-mountain bikes make it feasible to access numerous destinations that previously required a very high level of fitness. This means you can enjoy a ride to the most beautiful mountain huts and picture-perfect views. The ride is still not completely effortless. But it is only moderately strenuous compared to riding uphill using pure muscle power. The battery support opens up brand new biking territory: the mountains around Innsbruck where you will find delicious alpine delicacies and alpine views: lush green alpine meadows, dark green forests, chirping birds and the freshest air in the region.

E-MTB tour to Kohlerkapelle and the Flaurlinger Alm – Innsbruck Region
E-MTB tour to Kohlerkapelle and the Flaurlinger Alm
Walking time uphill
Driving time uphill
Altitude down
1014 METER
Altitude up
1014 METER
Max. route length
18.6 KM
Starting point
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The Flaurlinger Alm is a mountain hut and alpine farm set in a picturesque spot in the upper third of the Flaurlinger Valley and a particularly great destination in autumn when the larches shine golden. In summer, the Marktlbach stream and the Kanzingbach stream next to the hut are both lovely places to cool off.

The route first heads towards the "Hornbachkapelle" chapel and then continues on towards the "Kohlerkapelle" chapel. After the bridge, the route runs alongside a stream before starting the steep ascent up to the Flaurlinger Alm mountain hut. The path then weaves its way up through forests and alpine pastures until you reach your destination. 

If you will be relying heavily on the battery, we recommend taking a second battery with you.


The authentic ambience and peaceful location of the Flaurlinger Alm mountain hut. The genuine Tyrolean specialities and cosy, relaxed atmosphere. Products exclusively from the alpine farm.

Our bike & hike tip:

For sporty hikers who like a challenge, there is a trail that leads from the Flaurlinger Alm, through the See Valley to the scenic Taxer See mountain lake (2,282 metres above sea level). Walking time approx. 2.5 hours.

Arrival, public transport

Parking is available at Oberhofen train station.

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