Lampsenspitze Nature Trail Ski Tour

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3.7 km 3.7 km
3.5 h 3.5 h
Starting point: 3946>ski touring
Endpoint: Parkplatz Praxmar (gebührenpflichtig)
City: Praxmar – Lüsens

St. Sigmund at a glance

Tourist Information Gries

Gries 17, 6182 Gries im Sellraintal
Monday-Friday 8.00 am - 1.00 pm
Monday-Friday 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm

The mountaineering village of St. Sigmund im Sellrain

Winter from November to May, invigorating summers and the best mountain air – low pollen guaranteed. That is St. Sigmund im Sellrain. Only eight kilometres from the winter sports resort of Kühtai and only 30 kilometres from Innsbruck.

The mountaineering village of St. Sigmund im Sellrain is located at an altitude of over 1,500 metres and only has about 170 inhabitants. Praxmar is a district of St. Sigmund but it does not directly border on the village. The hamlet is accessible via the village of Gries (before St. Sigmund). If you are coming from Innsbruck, simply turn off at Gries to get to Praxmar.

For shopping, you have to drive to the next town. St. Sigmund appeals to mountain sports enthusiasts who carry nature in their hearts. It is a place where mountains are still climbed in the traditional way: without lifts, cable cars or other climbing aids. This simplicity makes the views all the more beautiful, the encounters with like-minded mountaineers all the more special and the well-deserved breaks at mountain huts all the more enjoyable. In winter, St. Sigmund becomes a ski touring paradise.

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St. Sigmund

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