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Fun for young and old is guaranteed on these hikes. Trails that are suitable for the whole family make for great vacation memories. Along the way, many adventure spots await, such as suspension bridges, playgrounds, magical forests or water games - with so much action, children get to know nature with great pleasure.

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Mountain hut tour: Birgitzköpfl - Muttereralm - Götzner Alm - Birgitzer Alm

894 M 894 M
11.4 KM 11.4 KM
medium medium
Family hike in the Axamer Lizum hiking area with great views of the Kalkkögel, the Inn Valley and the Nordkette. Ascent with 2 options. Variant 1 (easier and faster): From the Axamer Lizum car park, walk in the direction of the Birgitzköpfl valley station and take the double chairlift (subject to a charge) up to the Birgitzköpfllift mountain station. Variant 2 (longer route): From the Axamer Lizum car park, head towards the Birgitzköpfllift valley station and continue to the avalanche protection dam. From here, the somewhat steep uphill trail branches off to the left up to the Birgitzköpfllift mountain station (walking time approx. 1.25h; 460Hm). On the right, below the Zwölferspitze and Pfriemeswand, a trail leads down towards the Muttereralm (walking time approx. 45 min; 429 m). Continue to the Götzner Alm (walking time approx. 30min; 66Hm) and Birgitzeralm (walking time approx. 45min; 266Hm) following the signs. Return to the starting point and walk slightly downhill along the Butterbründlsteig trail in the direction of Axamer Lizum. Total walking time: approx. 3.5 hours (from the valley station of the Birgitzköpfllift).

The Alpenrosensteig trail (route no. 14a) - circular hike

306 M 306 M
6 KM 6 KM
easy easy
A hike up in the mountains with stunning views that is particularly popular when the alpine roses are in bloom. Route no. 14a. Start from the bottom lift station at Bergbahnen Oberperfuss and take the Peter-Anich gondolas first to Stiglreith at 1,363 metres above sea level and then up to Sulzstich at 1,560 metres above sea level. From there, follow the road for about 40 minutes towards the Rosskogelhütte mountain hut (1,777 m). Just before the hut, turn left. This is the start of the circular hike around Rangger Köpfl, walking time about 1.5 hours. Follow the forest road to Krimpenbachsattel (1,899 m) and then turn right to continue up to the summit cross on Rangger Köpfl (1,939 m). From there, follow the signs north to the Alpenrosensteig trail and follow it downhill to the Rosskogelhütte mountain hut. Plenty of benches await along the way where you can stop for a relaxing break and the trail offers unique views of the Inn Valley. From the Rosskogelhütte, you can take the ski slope or the forest road back to the starting point. If the gondolas are closed, you can start the hike at Stiglreith car park (fees apply). From there, it takes 1.5 hours to walk to the Rosskogelhütte mountain hut. Highlights: A popular high-altitude hike above the tree line, wonderful when the alpine roses are in bloom in June, passes a summit cross and has unique views of the Inn Valley and the surrounding mountains. A fountain with spring water can be found on the edge of the path below the Rosskogelhütte mountain hut and there is also a reservoir.  

Up to the summit of Sonntagsköpfl - a family hike in the Senders Valley

412 M 412 M
3 KM 3 KM
medium medium
This is a great hike for the whole family in the Senders Valley above the Kemater Alm and offers wonderful panoramic views of the Kalkkögel mountain range. The hike starts at the Kemater Alm, a mountain hut serving food and drink that is easy to reach by car from Grinzens via a forest toll road (€ 3). From there, you can already see your destination – the large and striking summit cross on Sonntagsköpfl peak. The hike leads past the rushing Griesbach stream and then continues up to the Adolf Pichler Hütte, another mountain hut that serves food and drink at an altitude of 1,977 m above sea level. From this hut, a narrow path leads up through a sparse Swiss stone pine forest to Sonntagsköpfl summit. The entire hike up to the summit cross takes a total of about 1.5 hours and is rewarded with wonderful views of the Kalkkögel mountain range and the Kemater Alm mountain hut 400 m below.  The hike back follows the same route.  

Axamer Lizum to Halsl and then on to Saile/Nockspitze

886 M 886 M
9.4 KM 9.4 KM
medium medium
Nockspitze, a mountain also known as Saile, is located in the Kalkkögel mountain range in the Stubai Alps. The wonderful hike up this beautiful mountain boasts some of the most spectacular panoramic views in Axamer Lizum. A special highlight: sunrise on the beautiful high plateau surrounded by alpine flora. Wonderful 360° views of the city of Innsbruck, which is the capital of the state of Tyrol, and far along the Inn Valley.  Route: Start at Axamer Lizum car park, head straight on past the bottom lift station of the Olympiabahn funicular and continue until you reach the avalanche barrier. From there, turn right and follow the signs to Halsl. From Hals, a narrow route zigzags steeply up to the turnoff for Saile/Nockspitze. This trail leads over rocky terrain to the beautiful high plateau and summit cross. Please note: hikers must be sure-footed and have good hiking equipment for this trail. The route back is the same until the turnoff for the Birgitzköpflhaus mountain hut. From the Birgitzköpflhaus, you can either take the 2-seater chairlift back down into the valley or follow the Butterbründlsteig trail via the Birgitzer Alm mountain hut to Axamer Lizum car park. (Please note the lift operating times)

Three Lakes circuit Kühtai

440 M 440 M
7 KM 7 KM
medium medium
This trail starts behind the Wiesberghaus, opposite the tourist information centre in Kühtai, and leads east as it gently climbs up to Hirschebensee lake (2,164 m). From there, the route gets a bit steeper as it continues uphill and past the Mittlerer Plenderlesee lake (2,317 m) before finally passing under the chairlift and continuing via the Drei-Seen-Hütte mountain hut to the Finstertal reservoir. For the hike back, it is possible to follow the paved path past the Graf Ferdinand Haus mountain hut or to take the marked and signposted trail down to Kühtai.

Faltegartenköpfl peak

509 M 509 M
8.5 KM 8.5 KM
medium medium
This hike starts just past the car park where you'll find a signposted and relatively flat forest trail that leads to the Gasthof Marlstein guesthouse. From there, a hiking trail continues up to the Grünwaslkreuz cross at an altitude of 2,027 metres above sea level before leading over a grassy ridge to the summit cross on Faltegartenköpfl peak, where you will be rewarded with fantastic views of the Mieming Plateau and the Inn Valley. The route back down leads though the extensive "Feldringer Böden" alpine meadows to the Feldringalm mountain hut and then continues along a forest road back to the starting point.

Family hike Hoadlsattel - Hochtennboden

111 M 111 M
medium medium
The Hochtennboden is a large grassy plateau where sheep graze in summer and a rustic table with benches invites you to linger. Families with children in particular love this easy hiking trail in the midst of the mighty Kalkkögel and also have plenty of space to run around there. First you take the comfortable Olympic cable car up to the sunny plateau Hoadl. From the cable car you can already see the lush, deep green plateau with its many sheep. At the top, turn left and follow the ski slope up to the Hoadl saddle. There follow the path to the left (see signposting Hochtennboden/Hochtennspitze) and ascend to Hochtennboden. - 111 metres in altitude, walking time approx. ½ hour.

The Ghost Trail in Oberperfuss

227 M 227 M
2 KM 2 KM
easy easy
This hike is particularly popular with children. The ideal starting point: the bottom lift station of the Bergbahnen Oberperfuss gondola. From there, you can take the gondola up to an altitude of over 1,500 metres above sea level. Once at the top of the gondola, walk downhill for a few minutes until you reach an idyllic reservoir. If you walk around the reservoir to the south, you'll come to a forest road. Take the road and then turn left to continue down to the junction for Restaurant Sulzstich.  At this point, you'll see the first of the "tree beards", which are upside down spruces with carved faces. At the push of a button, these trees tell authentic stories by students from the primary schools in Oberperfuss. Some of the "tree beards" pose puzzles instead of telling stories. If you can solve the puzzles, you will be rewarded with magic & power stones when you get back to the bottom lift station. You'll also be given a booklet with all of the stories and puzzles to enjoy reading after your walk.  This trail is the ultimate family highlight. Hikers are accompanied by excited children's voices, storytelling and lovely walks from puzzle to puzzle. Along the way, a slide, a rest area and a barefoot trail provide even more variety. After a good one and a half kilometres, the trail comes to Stiglreith where children can jump around on the bouncy castle and play on the slide in front of the panoramic restaurant.   If the gondola is not running, you can drive to the starting point at Stiglreith car park, which is located at an altitude of 1,383 metres above sea level. Fees apply to park in the car park. It can be reached via the panoramic road that branches off to the right from Oberperfuss Berg. From that approach, the hike past the talking tree beards leads from the Stiglreith mountain lift station to the reservoir at Sulzstich and back along the road to the starting point. Fees apply to park in the car park at Stiglreith. The road to Stiglreith is closed to cars from 1 November until 31 March.

Klammsteig gorge walk

231 M 231 M
4.9 KM 4.9 KM
medium medium
After walking north for a few minutes, you pass a small power station and come to the start of the path that runs through the Zimmerberg Gorge. The path leads along the stream for most of the way and comes to a rest area with a table and benches. The route leads over small bridges and up impressive wooden steps that zigzag along the cliff face before later crossing a 30-metre-long steel cable suspension bridge over the Griesbach.  After a few metres, you’ll come to a wide forest road. From there, follow the signs towards Lehen. The route leads gently downhill and then branches off to the right into the forest. The path soon turns into a gravel road and then finally a paved road just before Lehen. Walk past the first houses and continue down into the valley towards the "Sonnensiedlung" district. At the fork in the road above the Sonnensiedlung district, turn right and continue straight on until you reach "Am Sonnenberg" a few minutes later. Once there, take a sharp left to head south and then turn onto the second side road. At the end of the side road, a small path leads back down to the starting point.

The Larchsteig trail in Obsteig

24 M 24 M
2 KM 2 KM
easy easy
The Larchsteig is a short circular hike on the edge of the village of Obsteig. If you take your time, you can discover lots of interesting information about the larch itself, as well the history of the larch forests, how they are managed and their inhabitants. The highlights include glacial erratics, which are large boulders from the Ice Age, and a large stone with a circle on it, known as the "Kreisstein", which still remains a mystery. The duration of the route depends entirely on who is doing it: runners only need 15 minutes, hikers can complete it in 45 minutes, interested hikers may need two hours and anyone who really wants to savour it should allow half a day.
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