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Two-day-tour: Oberhofer Höhenweg - Kühtai - Flaurlinger Alm – Innsbruck Region
Altitude up
3305 METER
Altitude down
3308 METER
Max altitude
2615 METER
Max. route length
42.7 KM
Walking time total
19H 30MIN
Starting point
Centre of Oberhofen im Inntal
Centre of Oberhofen im Inntal
Road quality
forest road, trail
Round trip
GPX DownloadRoute to start

Day 1 – walking time: about 9 hours

This hike starts from the car park at the village hall in Oberhofen (622 metres) and follows the road south to the Reasnhof. From there, it takes the left-hand route along a forest road towards the Oberhofer Melkalm mountain hut (walking time about three hours). From the hut, the hike continues along the Neuburgersteig trail to Marktlbach before taking the path on the right to Kanzigbach and the Flaurlinger Scharte (2,400 m) and then following a narrow trail downhill to the Zirnbachalm mountain hut (1,797 m) in Kühtai (accommodation is available at the Zirmbachalm).

Day 2 – walking time: about 10.5 hours

From the Zirmbachalm mountain hut, the hike follows the signs for a short way along the Kühtai main road towards the valley entrance, then crosses the alluvial fan and heads uphill through very steep terrain to the Haggener Sonnberg (2,140 metres, flat but winding). When you come to the signpost, follow the path towards "Seejoch". The route then becomes flatter and takes you directly to the Haggener Wandl rock face. From the rock face, the route leads east in varying degrees of steepness to Peider Scharte (2,591 metres). From the Peider Scharte, follow the marked trail down to the Taxer See (2,282 m), a small mountain lake in an idyllic spot. The route then heads through the Seetal valley and follows the stream most of the way down to the Flaurlinger Alm mountain hut (1,613 metres, open for food, no accommodation available).

If you continue along the path from the Flaurlinger Alm for five minutes, you will reach the slightly higher Oberhofer Galtalm mountain hut (only alpine farm products available). From there, the route continues along the Marktlsteig trail to the Marktlbach stream and then along the Peter-Anich-Höhenweg trail towards Oberhofer Melkalm mountain hut (2.5 hours), before following the forest road back down into the valley to the village of Oberhofen.

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