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Sightseeing classics and insider tips off the beaten track: our tours have it all. So you can explore Innsbruck independently and on your own schedule. Go on a journey of discovery through the oldest parts of the city, take a look at modern Innsbruck or walk in the footsteps of the famous Habsburg imperial dynasty. If you don't have very long, we can even tell you how to get to know Innsbruck in one hour, one day or three days. 

Guided city tours are, of course, also available if you would rather visit Innsbruck's sights with a guide. Click here for more information about the guided tours.

Treasure hunters and puzzle fans explore Walks 4 and 7 on the GO Innsbruck scavenger hunt.

Walk 1: Alpin and urban perspectives

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14 KM 14 KM
Have you already stood at 2,300 m above sea level today? If that makes you think of clumpy mountain boots, heavy rucksacks and an arduous climb dripping with sweat, think again! Experiencing the summit is so much easier than you might have thought. Because, in Innsbruck, as this walk impressively shows - thanks to the funicular railway and cable cars - the buzz of the city and the freedom of the mountains are incredibly close to one another. One moment you’re enjoying a cappuccino in a charming street cafe in the Old Town, half an hour later you’re marvelling at the stunning views from a Nordkette mountain summit.  What's more, the Perspectives Trail is a gentle, relaxing path where you can keep stopping to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. The unique Alpine Zoo is also worth a visit, with its wide collection of local wildlife including lynx, bear, ibex, otter and lots more. Route description: Start at the Congress Station Take the Nordkettenbahnen funicular up to the Hungerburg and the cable car up to the Seegrube At the end of the Perspectives Trail (near the Seegrubenbahn station) continue on the gondola lift up to the Hafelekar Walk on the Hafelekar summit (about 15 minutes) return by gondola and funicular to the Alpine Zoo station After visiting the zoo, walk along Heinrich-Süss-Weg down to the River Inn Cross Hans-Psenner-Steg bridge to the other side of the River Inn and then upstream back into the Old Town, with a possible detour through the Imperial Gardens (Hofgarten)

Walk 2: Huge tower and deep ravines

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6 KM 6 KM
Highs and lows! This walk takes in not only the tower of the spectacular Bergisel Ski Jump, but also the Sill Gorge, Innsbruck's very own "canyon".  It bears the name Sill after the River Inn’s "little sister", and takes hikers and walkers off into the untamed, romantic landscape of a Tyrolean mountain river. It’s hard to believe you’re in the very heart of the urban area!  You can admire the fascinating river landscape, enjoy the lovely views and get an intimate sense of the remarkable proximity of city and nature. To the video "Walks to explore" Route description: Start at the Triumphal Arch (Triumphpforte) Go straight on heading south along Leopoldstrasse and Brennerstrasse go past Wilten Basilica and Wilten Abbey to the Bergisel The start of the so-called “Panoramarunde” circular trail starts at the Tirol Panorama car park G past the "Drachenfelsen", at the "Sonnendeck" (sun deck) either follow the panorama path or go down to the Sill Gorge Due to a Brenner Base Tunnel construction site, the Sill Gorge is currently only accessible between the two pedestrian bridges and is an ideal destination on hot summer days Return the same way from the Sill Gorge and continue following the “Panoramarunde” circular trail to the left When you come to the Brennerstrasse, follow the Pierre-de-Coubertin trail to the right for about 100 metres until a short path leads through the forest onto the Bergiselweg trail Walk past the houses on the Bergisel back to the Bergisel ski jump with access to the ski jump tower Return past Wilten Abbey via Brennerstrasse and Leopoldstrasse to the Triumphal Arch. Tip: if you want to shorten the walk, you can take the tram from the Bergisel stop, opposite Wilten Abbey, back to the city centre.

Walk 3: The seven christmas markets

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7 KM 7 KM
All good things come in threes, so they say. In Innsbruck, all good things come in sevens! At least as far as Innsbruck's "Christmas in the Mountains"(Bergweihnacht) is concerned. Seven different Christmas markets each with its own character and special features give you the perfect opportunity to linger and explore. The tradition started in 1973 with the traditional market outside the Golden Roof. The Family Market on the market square has a homely atmosphere and lots of exciting attractions for children. The Modern Market on Maria-Theresien-Strasse, Innsbruck's splendid main avenue, has a very special vibe with sparkling tree lights and modern lighting design. The Panorama Market on the Hungerburg with fantastic views of Innsbruck is simply irresistible, whilst the magic of Christmas on Wiltener Platzl includes genuine arts and crafts, outstanding food and a select cultural programme. Another place to enjoy a moment or two of quiet reflection is the Hans-Brenner-Platz square in the St. Nikolaus district. The Imperial “Kaiser Christmas” on the Bergisel completes Innsbruck's “Christmas in the Mountains”. Below the ski jump can be found numerous handicraft stalls from around the region, while the bright lights of the city twinkle at your feet. Route description: Start at the Congress Station Take the Hungerburgbahn funicular to the Hungerburg (Market 1), return by funicular to the "Löwenhaus" station Cross the Emile-Béthouart-Steg bridge to the other side of the River Inn St. Nikolaus (Market 2) Go through Walther Park over the Inn Bridge to the market square (Market 3) Go past the Ottoburg into the Old Town (Market 4) Maria-Theresien-Strasse (Market 5) Head south along Leopoldstrasse to Wiltener Platzl (Market 6) Continue south along Leopoldstrasse and go past Brennerstrasse to the Bergisel (Market 7) Our tip: Anyone who still hasn't had enough after all that Christmas magic should pay a visit to LUMAGICA Innsbruck! The magical light park in the Imperial Gardens fascinates visitors with its luminous mythical and natural beings, interactive light installations and much more. Visit the park and experience this fantastic magical world.

Walk 4: In the Habsburgs’ footsteps

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2.5 KM 2.5 KM
Almost everyone who hears the name of Innsbruck immediately thinks of the Golden Roof, and a famous personality is inextricably linked with this special attraction: Emperor Maximilian I (1459–1519). He not only had the glittering roof built and transferred important court offices to Innsbruck but is considered, by virtue of his marriage policy, as the founder of the House of Habsburg and was soon called the "first European".  He always regarded Innsbruck as his actual capital. So it’s not surprising that the many buildings he had built all over the city still remind us of him 500 years after his death. But he was not the only Habsburger to establish a memorial for himself in Innsbruck over the centuries.  Experience first hand a piece of European history and follow in the Habsburgs’ footsteps! Route description: Start at the Golden Roof Head east along Pfarrgasse to the Cathedral of St James Continue through the passage past the Fischerhäusl Go past the Congress, Tyrolean State Theatre, Leopold’s Fountain and House of Music Continue to the Imperial Palace and Court Church Head east on Universitätsstrasse through the small passage at the Jesuit Church on to Prof.-Franz-Mair-Gasse which leads to the Tyrolean State Museum Had south along Wilhelm-Greil-Strasse to Rudolf’s Fountain on Bozner Platz Take Wilhelm-Greil-Strasse and Salurner Strasse to the Triumphal Arch Head north along Maria-Theresien-Strasse to the Burggraben Go east across Franziskanerplatz square to the Adeliges Damenstift Return along Riesengasse to the starting point

Walk 5: Young Innsbruck

easy easy
14.2 KM 14.2 KM
On your bike & explore skating rink, climbing paradise and bathing lake Innsbruck has more than 130,000 inhabitants, around 30,000 of them students, many of them international. So it's no surprise that the city is seen as "young, cool and modern". Even at first glance, the trendy and above all sporty "vibe" of the city makes itself felt. Cyclists with ski equipment on their shoulders are just as common a sight in the heart of the city as mountain bikers in full kit. But Innsbruck also has so much to offer in addition to the trails and ski slopes: unusual cultural events, a wide range of excellent shops and a multitude of trendy pubs where concerts and poetry slams are regularly held. Act like a local and set off on a walk or, perhaps even better, a bike ride and see where the locals exercise, have a good time and party. Route description: Start at the SOWI (city bike station) Bike north along Kaiserjägerstrasse and then east along Bienerstrasse Go under the viaduct over Sebastian-Scheel-Strasse and Matthias-Schmid-Strasse to the Innsbruck Climbing Center Ride downstream along the River Inn to the Baggersee lake Return from the Baggersee over the New Orleans Bridge and upstream along the Inn via St. Nikolaus and Mariahilf to the Freiburger Bridge Cross the bridge and ride along the Innrain road Follow the River Inn downstream past the Innsbruck University Take Anichstrasse, Maria-Theresien-Strasse and Fuggergasse to the Eduard-Wallnöfer-Platz (you can also drop off your bike at Bozner Platz square, for example)

Walk 6: Explore moderne Innsbruck

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2.5 KM 2.5 KM
Magnificent Baroque splendor meets the boldly curved clarity of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. It’s impossible to be anything other than enchanted by the charming interplay of historic and contemporary buildings between the Nordkette and Patscherkofel mountains. Innsbruck's cityscape has changed dramatically, especially in the 1990s - international tenders and a focus on new architecture have influenced lots of buildings and attracted many big names to the city. This walk gives you the perfect opportunity to explore Innsbruck as a cosmopolitan and important location for modern architecture. Route description: Start at the Congress Head south along the Rennweg to the House of Music Go through the passage across Franziskanerplatz into Museumstrasse and further south along Erlerstrasse to the Sparkassenplatz or BTV Stadtforum Continue south along Gilmstrasse and Wilhelm-Greil-Strasse past the Neues Landhaus Head for the IKB building and the Umspannwerk Mitte Cross Eduard-Wallnöfer-Platz and head west along Welsergasse to Maria-Theresien-Strasse Head north past the Taxispalais Kunsthalle Tirol and Kaufhaus Tyrol Head west along Anichstrasse onto Fallmerayerstrasse and past Adolf-Pichler-Platz Go through the Rathausgalerien into Maria-Theresien-Strasse and north to Tourist Information Innsbruck on the Burggraben street.

Walk 7: Authentic Innsbruck

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4 KM 4 KM
Leave the Old Town and, after just a few steps, you can set off on an exciting journey through time. To the north you can admire the colourful ensemble of buildings and church towers of "Anpruggen", the oldest part of Innsbruck today called St. Nikolaus, Mariahilf and Hötting.  With the River Inn in the foreground and the Nordkette mountains as a backdrop, these 15th century buildings with their towering gables are amongst the most photographed motifs in Innsbruck. But it’s worth looking further afield. If you stroll through the streets of St. Nikolaus and Mariahilf, you get a sense of the original Innsbruck. You feel transported back decades, even centuries in time.  The Golden Roof may well be just round the corner, but only a few tourists find their way here. They’re missing out, because a walk through these undiscovered alleys and hidden squares is really worthwhile. A walk for all those who want to take their time and have a look behind the scenes. It’s also a great tour for church lovers! Route description: Start at the market hall Head east past the Ottoburg over the River Inn bridge Head west to Mariahilf Church head up Kirschentalgasse to Schneeburggasse Follow Bachgasse and Schulgasse up to the old Hötting Parish Church or via Schulgasse down to the New Hötting Parish Church Go down Höttingergasse Head eastwards over Innstrasse and St. Nikolausgasse to Bäckerbühelgasse Head east along Riedgasse and Weiherburggasse up to Schloss Büchsenhausen Go along Weiherburggasse and past St. Nikolaus Parish Church Follow Schmelzergasse and Innstrasse to the Emile-Béthouart-Steg bridge and cross the River Inn Head upstream along the Inn back to the Old Town and Golden Roof

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