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Whether it's a pretty baroque church, a venerable monastery or an imposing cathedral - the Innsbruck region has a large selection of sacred buildings worth seeing. But even if you are just looking for a small chapel to pause for a moment, you will find what you are looking for in the list below.
 > Baderbühl chapel

Baderbühl chapel

Pfarramt Axams
Sylvester Jordan Str. 2, 6094  Axams
+43 5234 / 68 128

Opening Hours

All year!

This private chapel was built in the year1565. In 1859 it was extended with the construction of a sacristy and a tower. In the chapel house there is a valuable crown of thorns that belonged to the person who played Christ during the celebration of the Mysteries of the Passion in 1800. The painted altar picture shows the "Seven Sorrows of Mary", patroness saint of the chapel.

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